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types of crockery used in restaurants Seeds, Nuts, and Fruits Used in Asian Cooking

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
types of crockery used in restaurants Seeds, Nuts, and Fruits Used in Asian Cooking
Asian chefs add seeds, nuts and fruits to their dishes.
Fortunately, all these plant foods are now available in most American supermarkets.
To prepare authentic Asian cuisine, you should be familiar with all kinds of seeds, nuts and fruits and know how to use them. poppy seeds -
Color determines purpose; the cream-
Color is usually added to the curry sauce as a thickening agent.
More familiar gray
Blue seeds are mainly used in bread. sesame seeds --
These seeds are rich in aromatic oils and are important in all Far East cooking, and they are used or crushed into paste in full.
(I use sesame in many American dishes ). candlenuts -
These are not common in the US market;
It is even poisonous.
Candle holders from Indonesia and Malaysia;
It should be cooked all the time.
Almonds and macadamia nuts can be replaced. cashew nuts -
Although I like to eat raw, they are usually fried first in Asian cooking.
They are made of whole, chopped or paste. ginkgo nuts -
Cans are usually found only in the US market.
Commonly used in Japanese or Chinese cooking.
In the fall of New York, on the streets of Brooklyn, ginkgo is falling off everywhere.
The ground is covered with leaves and ginkgo. almonds -
Used frequently in Indian recipes. Australian nuts-
Often grilled or fried.
I like their natural state.
They are usually expensive in the US market.
Better deals can be found in Asian markets. peanuts -
Peanuts are also known in Asia and Africa.
Often used in Asian cooking.
I like the peanut sauce in Thai restaurants.
For the best taste, please eat raw and bake yourself (below ). coconut -
Perhaps the easiest to find of all fruits.
Has been selling in the US market.
Shake and listen to the liquid inside when you buy coconut.
Coconut milk and cream are used in many Asian dishes. guava -
This pear-shaped fruit can be eaten like an apple.
Seeds can also be eaten.
Only pink or creamy when cooking
Use colored meat when skins and seeds are discarded. mangoes -
Delicious mango from India;
Also from Thailand and the Philippines.
When held, they should be firm, but not hard, and the meat should be fragrant.
Mango is also easy to find in the US market.
The Indian market also sells sour green mangoes for kimchi and chutney. kaffir lime -
You can buy dry skin packaged.
Used to add spicy flavor to chili dishes.
The fragrant skin is often cut into thin slices and added to the curry to make it more fragrant. pomelo -
It looks like grapefruit, but it is usually larger.
Eat as is or can be added to almost any salad. quince -
An aromatic fruit used as a vegetable in Asia.
They are usually filled with meat or used as part of a mixture of seafood and poultry stuffing. pot marigold -
Fresh petals provide color and taste for a variety of cooked food and salads.
Dried petals can be found in the Asian market. Gado-Gado -
Vegetable salad with peanut sauce
Although it is a national dish from Indonesia, I have eaten it in Malaysia. -
I have this in Singapore. excellent!
It also has candy and almonds.
I had tofu and shrimp without chicken.
Homok Talay, Thailand (mixed seafood with coconut milk )-
There are also kaffir leaves.
Jap Jae (also spelled Chae) vegetable warm rice noodles-Korea -
This is my favorite dish when I was in Korea.
There are sesame seeds.
In South Korea, noodles are made of yam flour. Excellent!
A variety of satay with peanut butter (string meat, poultry, shrimp ).
Mango with sweet glutinous rice ]! Lovely!
Fruits are usually desserts in Asian countries. Happy eating!
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