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types of crockery used in restaurants kinds of food service in a restaurant (with pictures) | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
There are many different types of restaurants that can be classified according to the type of dishes they offer, such as Mexican or Italian dishes, menu styles such as a la carte or blackboard, and pricing.They can also be sorted by how to provide food to customers.Full-The service restaurant is where diners sit and wait at the table.
They order at the table, food and drinks are delivered to the table.Full-The service includes fine dining for the family, silver service and casual dining.In some cases, the food is cooked at the table, but in all cases there is no need to leave the table after the guest arrives.
Counter service requires diners to go to the service counter to place an order.Menus are often displayed on the blackboard.The food of the diners is taken to their table when they are ready, or when the food is ready, they get a ticket number, this ticket number will be called out or displayed electronically and then collected from the counter by the restaurant.
Usually pay at the service counter before the food is ready.A variety of food is displayed, guests either take a plate, serve themselves from the buffet, then return to the dining table for dinner, or the waiter behind the buffet will serve items such as meat you choose.The buffet is usually a fixed price to pay before you get the plate.
It's basically a self.
Good service.
Fast service means a service counter with one or more cashiers working to accept orders.They're called fast-Food or convenience stores.Customers usually order from the menu displayed behind the counter or on the wall.
Fast service restaurants drive frequently-So you can order from the car.The number of menu items that are constantly prepared is limited.McDonald's is a fast service restaurant
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