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Tropical Pet Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Tropical Pet Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Tropical fish are very colorful and attractive in shape and size, which explains well why they are so popular as pets.
However, only after thorough research should you choose the right species for your aquarium.
Most tropical fish, including fresh water and salted fish, are very beautiful because of their bright colors.
For a novice enthusiast, choosing the right species and realizing the maintenance involved is essential to become a successful amateur.
If you have a fish tank in your home, you should maintain the appropriate environmental conditions according to the requirements of the species you raise.
These requirements vary not only from species to species, but also from saline to freshwater species.
In addition, a heating system and a filtration system must be used for tank equipment.
Compared with the type of fresh water, the marine tropical fish is rich in pigment and bright in color.
However, maintaining the salt water/aquarium is not an easy task.
There are many types of tropical aquariums, some of which are difficult to maintain at home.
Therefore, do not choose it only according to the appearance of the fish;
Consider other criteria such as their feeding habits, adaptability, behavior, compatibility with other fish, etc.
Here is a list of some species considered ideal pets.
These fish, also known as clownfish, are classic aquariums of salt water and are not more than 12 cm in size.
It is very easy to raise sea anemones in the family aquarium.
You can choose from a variety of colors, including light yellow, orange, bright red, maroon, dark brown and black.
Angelfish is one of the most popular tropical fish.
From bright yellow to blue, they have different shades and shapes.
The only challenge is their big size (the size of these fish is 30-
60 cm), not suitable for regular fish tanks.
These fish are also known as Siam fish, which are very beautiful freshwater species and are easily identified by their flowing fins.
You can raise them with other species.
Orange beauty is a popular pet fish.
However, the Male Betta is a bit aggressive and can sometimes hurt their tank mates.
Although there are several kinds of gourd raised in the tropical freshwater aquarium, the blue gourd is particularly prominent. At 10 -
13 cm, ideal for family aquarium.
The species thrive in the 22-temperature range28°C.
It has an aggressive temperament, so it should be isolated from other fish.
Batfish is a beautiful marine species.
Like angelfish, their main drawback is that the size is huge (the individual reaches about 50 cm when filling and growing ).
They need 200. 300-gallon tank.
Batfish is mainly gray and brown, with meat food as the raw material and requires extensive care.
Gobies is a tenacious and tranquil tropical marine fish.
Gobies have different colors, grow well in the reef pool and grow about 15 cm at maturity depending on the species.
The level of care for Goby also varies depending on the species you choose.
Goldfish are listed as the most popular freshwater fish.
With a peaceful temperament, it is ideal to be consistent with other species.
It is easy to raise goldfish, and it is the favorite of novices.
They are well adapted to a wide range of temperatures (15-
30 °c), prefer to swim at the bottom of the tank.
With its long tail and bright colors, Guppies is a great addition to any aquarium.
These freshwater species are native to South America, 19-29°C.
They're small in size, about 4-
6 cm long and quiet.
Oscar is very popular among Aquatics.
When they mature, they will grow to about 30 years old.
40 cm long, known to change color when spawning.
You need a pretty large aquarium if you are going to keep an Oscar.
They only eat small fish and meat.
Although the porpoise is beautiful, it is not very popular in aquarium transactions due to its poisonous thorns.
Due to these thorns, they should be handled and raised with great care.
In addition to their unique look, the porpoise has the extraordinary ability to recognize the owner/administrator.
Tetris is ideal for Tropical Freshwater Aquarium.
Bright colors, small size (average length 4-
5 cm) convenient maintenance and peaceful nature;
What else do you want for the fish in the aquarium?
Tetris is are also very active in nature and you will love having them in the aquarium at home.
Raising tropical fish as a pet is a challenging task and needs to be highly valued.
If there is any problem with the temperature or feeding conditions, they may get sick and sometimes even die.
To avoid this terrible situation, you should take note of the specific requirements of these tropical species and try to meet them.
Only in this way can you see them thrive in the fish tank.
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