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Tropical Fish Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Tropical Fish Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Only by having the right knowledge of tropical fish can you enjoy having tropical fish.
Here is a guide covering the maintenance of water tanks, diet and information on how to detect common diseases associated with tropical fish.
Tropical fish are fish found in tropical environments.
They may be freshwater fish or salted fish.
No matter what their habitat is, they are the first choice for aquariums because they are colorful and often gorgeous.
They have different sizes and temperament and it is a great experience to see them in a fish tank.
However, to appreciate the beauty of these animals, it is important to know how to take care of them.
The size of the fish depends on the type of fish you want.
Depending on the fish situation, your budget and tank size should remain the same.
However, in terms of tropical fish, it is always better to choose larger fish tanks because they are easier to maintain.
It sounds incredible, isn't it?
But this is the case!
The larger the aquarium, the greater the chance to set up the fish tank so that it can replicate the natural habitat of the fish.
In addition, more water means that the number of beneficial bacteria in the tank will increase, which will keep the content of nitrate in the aquarium controlled and keep the stable environment inside the tank.
Make sure that the tank is not placed in the area receiving bright or direct sunlight, as this may increase the temperature of the water and increase the growth of algae harmful to the fish.
Friendly bacteria in the filter will keep the water clean and the fish healthy.
However, a partial water change is required for each aquarium, regardless of size (5-
Volume of 10%) per week.
Besides this, 20-
25% of the water should be replaced once a month.
Clean gravel using gravel cleaning machine, remove algae from glass and check if air
The stone works normally.
Do not use detergent or soap when cleaning the aquarium.
Always use the products provided by the pet shop for fish tank cleaning.
Also, don't put your hands into the water too often, because the oil on your skin will pollute the water.
If the filter has to be replaced during cleaning, then replace only half at a time to keep the bacterial colonies already established in the aquarium.
In terms of weekly or monthly cleaning, never empty the whole aquarium and take out the fish as it puts pressure on them.
Only need to empty the aquarium once a year.
In doing so, remember to put the fish in a container large enough and the conditions are more or less similar to the aquarium.
This is important because you have to give the aquarium water time when setting up a new fish tank.
The choice of food depends on the type of fish you eat.
Still, let their menu always have some variety so that the fish can get all the nutrients that are important to them.
If you give the same food to your aquatic pets, they may stop eating.
Food includes plants, algae, aquatic worms, shellfish, insect larvae, Salted Shrimps and small fish.
If your fish is a carnivore, you want to give it red meat and cut it.
Before giving white meat, be sure to be cooked thoroughly.
High quality flakes or granular foods are also a good foundation.
However, in order to meet the nutritional needs of fish, other foods should be added.
In addition to the type of food, quantity is also important.
One mistake most owners make is over-feeding their pets.
This leads to digestive problems.
In this case, it is OK not to feed your fish one day a week until its bloated look fades.
In addition, sometimes additional food that fish refuse to eat is collected and rotted in the fish tank, which leads to different types of diseases.
The biggest obstacle to keeping tropical fish healthy is keeping the environment clean.
Contaminated water is the main cause behind most of the diseases that affect them.
In addition to this, the stress of the owner or incorrect feeding habits can also lead to some diseases of the fish.
From bacteria and fungi to parasites, many organisms can cause diseases in them.
The best indicator of disease is the behavior of fish and certain judgments.
It has traces of the story.
With the exception of all this, the owner should do a daily check to make sure that none of his fish is lost.
If someone does go missing, try to find it.
If it dies, it needs to be removed before it pollutes the water.
In addition, check the thermometers, filtration and ventilation systems to ensure they work properly.
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