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Traditional Network Marketing vs. Internet Network Marketing - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
Traditional Network Marketing vs. Internet Network Marketing  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Traditional online marketing is the most common form of online marketing.
Over the years, its strategy for cultural and commercial construction has not changed much.
The foundation of online marketing business has always been word of mouth.
In addition, the presentation has always played a key role in delivering information.
It moves from small private places such as homes to large places such as hotels and conference halls.
It has always been for people to speak before;
However, with the progress of technology, the choice is also diversified.
Regardless of these advances, many experienced MLM experts and leaders remain committed to the core practices of the business.
Many leaders swear to use In-
Family presentations and group meetings.
They believe that using a script allows a person to speak in front of a live speech, not at home or at a local agency.
The increase in mobile phone penetration ultimately led to 3-
Call mode, now record the call.
These organizations also use traditional methods in exploration.
They "stir up interest" or use clever statements that attract attention to stir up the curiosity of random people, like, "Will you keep your business choices open ? "?
Their potential customers are mainly friends, family and colleagues.
Some people go to the next level and aim for random strangers in their daily tasks.
These are the main activities of traditional pyramid selling business.
They need a lot of time and investment.
In this case, you may find yourself spending a lot of time attending different events and meetings and even visiting the homes of team members.
If you are part of an experienced organization, it is likely that you will also have regular conference calls.
On the other hand, you have internet marketing.
These people either master one or more aspects of Internet marketing and incorporate it into their business.
Their skills may be blogs, website building, article marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.
These skills need to be learned and practiced, just like traditional practices.
However, they are more technical in detail and need more time to learn.
The biggest difference is the set of professional and transferable skills developed in Internet marketing.
True marketing knowledge is necessary for many computer-savvy primary advertisers to succeed on the Internet.
The challenge is enormous, and so is the return.
On the Internet, people can use their efforts far beyond their personal efforts and expand their influence around the world.
This same network can not only contact people, but also locate specific individuals according to their interests.
Their business can be measured with precise science, and the classification process can be customized according to their focus.
Both traditional and Internet methods have advantages and disadvantages.
This is just a matter of preference.
What do you like better?
More technical, but more accurate, customized systems;
Or a more intimate, but time-limited, ready-made system.
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