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by:Two Eight     2019-06-12
Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, offering exquisite places and living above standard of living.Tourists from all over the world like to visit Dubai again and again, because of the moving architecture of the sky, the huge mansion and the luxurious dining experience.As we all know, Dubai has some restaurants in the world, not only because of their looks, but also because they provide exceptional service and dining experience to customers.
Zuma is the most famous and popular restaurant in Dubai.The stylish look of a place that an Italian company offers it.Not only that, the place also has the best owners of all time, treating customers in the most intimate way.
Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant is the most popular place in Dubai.Zuma also ranked first among the world's 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years.If you like French cuisine, La Petite Maison will be your ideal choice.
This restaurant combines French and Mediterranean cuisine and is the best choice for your meal.This is a traditional French restaurant, ranking second among our best restaurants in Dubai.The table at La Petite Maison \ is compact and ensures that the atmosphere is always electric, where dining is an exciting and memorable experience.
Dining at Ossiano is like a dream.
While eating the best seafood, you can experience the magnificent views of the floorto-Huge aquarium with ceiling.This is probably one of the most exotic restaurants in Dubai.As you sit at one of the largest aquariums in the world, you will be accompanied by 6,000 marine creatures.
If you want to eat something unique or particularly common, you have to book a table at the restaurant in Pierre gagnery.This place has a cooking lab where different experiments are conducted where you can eat food that is not available anywhere else in the world.Reflets papierre Gagnaire is a French restaurant located in the holiday city of Dubai, an interstate hotel.
Pierchic is a favorite place for couples in Dubai.This Italian restaurant is located at the end of Madinat Al Qasr pier in Jumeirah.At any restaurant in Dubai, Pierchic can give you a unique dining experience.
Proof of peace and excessthe-For those dining in a restaurant, water is a romantic setting.Pierchic is designed to provide a modern, stylish and elegant dining space.Maximize the Arabian Gulf, Dubai coastline, Jumeirah palms and the only seven-star Arab sailing hotel in the world.
Al Iwan is a themed Arabic buffet restaurant located in Burj al Arab.The only color you see in the restaurant is black, gold and red.The colors are displayed at such a magnificent level that you will feel like you have entered the palace.
The best Arabic dishes are served here, with spectacular views during the day and at night.If you want to eat Indian food, Armani is the best option when you are in Dubai.Armani is located in Burj Khalifa. The Indian food here is of great quality and taste.
You can see the famous Dubai fountain in the evening and evening, which is a wonderful experience.Al Hadheerah is so luxurious and traditional that it is now considered the ultimate entertainment area that people need.In addition to restraint and Arab dancers, no one can beat the place to the level of luxury offered to customers.
Al Hadheerah is located in the desert resort of babshams and offers traditional Arabic and Indian dishes.After a busy day-to-day life, the resort's food and services are definitely ideal for you.There is no place to serve you Chinese food like Zheng He did.
Located in Madinat Jummeirah, this place is a perfect combination of Chinese cuisine and modern cuisine.Zheng He is a five-star Chinese restaurant in Dubai with exquisite decoration and modern style.If you haven't eaten in Zheng He yet, make it your priority.
TOMO is the ultimate winner of Japanese cuisine.It offers customized twists and turns dishes that you can't forget for the longest time.The Tomo restaurant is located on the 17 th floor of Raffles Hotel and offers spectacular views.
In 2013, Tomo won the Dubai "2013 Best Newcomer" restaurant award in Dubai
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