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top restaurant dishes of 2015 5 dishes that will change your idea of mexican food

by:Two Eight     2019-06-14
If you're visiting Mexico,Then you can take a look at the top five Mexican dishes.Have you ever eaten Mexican food?If not then you missed surrealism and lipMexican.The awesome secret of the food is that the spicy ingredients of Mexican food make the food delicious.
The popularity and demand of this special cuisine is getting higher and higher, you may find it in every corner, and there is a place to serve Mexican food.From breakfast to dinnerYou will get the best Mexican food.This is one of the traditional breakfast dishes.
It consists of fried tortillas cut into knots and then painted with a green or red salsa sauce on them.The toppings of scrambled eggs, chicken and even cheese and cream enhance the taste of the dishes.Sounds delicious, right?Then you can enjoy a delicious meal at the burrito restaurant, which serves the most authentic Mexican cuisine.
You might be surprised to know that, according to the anthropologist, the dish mentioned above is of historical significance.Spanish soup used in many Mexican ceremonies.However, in today's time, the burrito restaurant offers the most delicious soup.
The soup is now served with chicken, pork and nutritious vegetables.In addition to the food mentioned above, corn, which contains a large amount of herbs and spices, remakes the soup.This is one of the popular forms of tortillas.
If you are familiar with Mexican food, you may know how important the rules of tortillas are.This dish attracts the attention of Mexican cuisine.The main ingredients of tortillas are tortillas, pork coriander leaves and pineapples.
Tostada is just a tortillas.
There is roast corn on the tortillas.
Serve alone, and you can also pile high with side dishes.However, some of the popular ingredients on the plate include fried beans, cheese, cooked meat, seafood and pickled fish with sour orange juice.The main attraction of the food is that the dish has three colors of the Mexican flag.
Therefore, among the other dishes of this particular dish, it is often referred to as the most patriotic dish.It is mainly composed of chopped meat, fruit and spices.Besides that, walnuts-The cream sauce reproduces the history of Mexico.
In addition to the five dishes mentioned above, you may become addicted to other dishes such as elette, pepper, mole, etc.So discover all the unfamiliar food as it can take you to a new level and you will have a deeper understanding of the culture of the country.Food is a useful source for learning national culture.
However, study the restaurant well before enjoying Mexican food
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