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top best honduras restaurant dishes Nigerian Wedding Dishes: How to Choose the Best Dishes for your Reception Party

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
top best honduras restaurant dishes Nigerian Wedding Dishes: How to Choose the Best Dishes for your Reception Party
Knowing that you plan to serve your guests with a good caterer is the boundary between success and failure.
Before engaging with the caterer, you should list the usual cuisine for weddings in Nigeria.
Not only should there be delicious dishes on the list, but also a list of various drinks and small ribs.
In addition, the Hall decoration, safety and entertainment sections are included.
Other important notes are the tableware, plates and cups prepared for guests.
Catering vendors need the number of guests you expect so they can be fully prepared for your guests.
Divide your menu into four groups, including local dishes, Western food, small ribs and snacks.
Other delicacies, such as pepper soup, grilled fish, fried chicken, grilled chicken, are served separately or introduced into the meal.
The wedding in Nigeria is a spectacular sight because of the beautiful attired guests, lots of food, drinks and music.
Applicable to the three major geographical areas of north, south/east and west.
After you have completed the traditional request and sworn in to get married, the next step is the wedding.
You have to cater to many guests, sometimes more than 500.
Planning any party needs to know what you're doing, especially a wedding party. A well-
Having a lovely party will be a point of reference for friends and family, however, poorly planned parties will attract negative comments and unhappy guests.
A very important aspect you can't ignore is food, drinks and entertainment.
A reasonably planned menu doesn't necessarily need to be overpriced, but it's delicious and adequate for your guests.
The number of guests should be calculated with additional rooms.
Close to accurate numbers make planning of menus easier and more efficient. Moi-
The common local dishes at Nigerian weddings are dishes swallowed like Amala a Yoruba, made of yam flour, and mashed yam is a delicious, concentrated flour mixture.
Other foods are in wheat flour semovita or coarse flour.
Accompanied by local dishes such as Egusi, assorted vegetable stews or white stews.
Beef stew, fresh fried fish, catfish or fried chicken.
In addition to the traditional list of foods, there are a number of Western and local dishes such as Jolof rice (red rice), fried rice, Ofada rice (a small smelly rice variant) and
The food is served with drinks such as soft drinks, bottled water and juice.
Without what we call the opening menu for little ribs, the wedding in Nigeria was incomplete.
Small ribs are usually baked, fried or steamed fast food.
Snacks are usually small pieces of two to three fast food items such as Samosa, fish rolls, donuts, bread, cakes, meat pies and fish pies.
Drinks are an integral part of any wedding project and great care and attention is given on the list.
The choice of wine is usually red wine, but you can also choose white wine.
Each guest should have at least one bottle of water and a few cans or bottles of juice per table.
Depending on your religious beliefs and character, other drinks can consider alcoholic beverages such as beer, brandy, and even local palm wine.
Types of drinks offered at weddings in Nigeria.
Some wedding receptions include other delicacies mentioned above.
The food includes catfish pepper soup, grilled fish and smoked beef/chicken nuggets.
For guests who eat sweets, they get ice cream, exotic fruit mixes and chocolate cakes.
After the wedding cake is cut, give the guest a small piece.
Extra delicacies are served to guests after they have finished their main course and at the end of the party.
Extra fun should not be excessive as there is enough space in the stomach of only a few guests.
At the guest's table, you can enjoy a few bottles of red/white wine and juice.
Each guest then gives a bottle of water before serving the food.
When the guest is seated, the waiter will give each guest a small dish of small ribs, such as samosha, fish rolls and a small piece of fried chicken.
Depending on the preferences of the guests, they can choose local or European dishes.
According to the list of reception projects, Nigerian ginseng calls the meal time Item 7.
Entertainment can be a DJ or live band, or some skits for comedians, friends and family.
The next one on the menu is soft drinks and alcoholic drinks such as beer and more wine.
Guests will be treated with other delicacies such as pepper soup, grilled fish and ice cream at the end of the meeting.
It is wise to hire professional catering staff to browse the menu.
Guests can choose from both European and local dishes.
Make sure each guest drinks at least one bottle of soft drink/water including a plate of food.
Please provide 100 or more guests if you expect 180 guests.
Always working within your budget, bigger is not always better, but precise planning works.
See you soon and keep an eye out for more wonderful wedding ideas.
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