Top 7 restaurant apps to unleash the foodie in you - mekenita restaurant signature dishes-Two Eigh

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Top 7 restaurant apps to unleash the foodie in you - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-02
Top 7 restaurant apps to unleash the foodie in you  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
Explore your city with a list of our "go to" restaurants app for a new food experience.
Ordering online is a formal thing, but what if you like the relaxing enjoyment of eating out instead of playing couch potatoes with pizza and Coke.
Our list of apps will help you experience the ideal dining experience.
Whether you're looking for new discoveries in your own city or craving your favorite food on a business trip, these apps can work.
From meal deals to celebration meals to street snacks, these apps provide a cool experience for your foodies.
Zomato, the default restaurant app for thousands of food lovers, is virtually unbeatable in its size-in a list of countless global locations, including your own city in India, with over a million
Get tips from this app's comments and social sharing feature before you choose where to take your family this weekend.
The dynamically updated menu gives you an idea of what you expect and how much you pay for your meal.
What we like: exhaustive lists and tips.
It could be as a "check-
In the app you can be the mayor around the corner but check-
The In element has been derived into another application Group.
The new and improved Foursquare app not only shows you the restaurant options (and other listings) but also learns from your check-
Ins (check with your friend)
Provide personalized advice on Swarm.
You can also use your friends and other tips to determine the size of the restaurant.
What we like: intuitive advice based on your likes and past history.
Townista is a relatively new app that can help you discover cool things in the city
Specific app but its cool category score-wise listing.
It's limited to Mumbai, NCR and Bengaluru, but we love how this app lists the humble street food and "hole in the Wall" agencies that are often bypassed by food apps.
The share with friends feature allows you to quickly share findings with friends on multiple platforms including WhatsApp (even if they don't have an app ).
What we love: the handy "share" feature that allows you to share your findings.
The biggest attraction of this app is its simple search feature that allows you to look for restaurants using multiple parameters, including the area (PIN/ZIP) code.
These searches are powered by Google-which also means that Google reviews appear every time you look for a restaurant.
This app is handy for people who travel a lot and can make you discover it on a global scale.
What we like: Powerful search.
This is an app that is organized neatly and the UI looks easy, and this Dineout is not just a list of aggregated restaurants and reviews.
You can book at the restaurant selected in the app.
It also offers many deals-from discounts to freebies, and in the same restaurant, a unique wallet feature that allows you to transfer credit to other accounts such as Paytm or Uber.
What we like: restaurant reservations and special offers.
Burrp is another app that offers exhaustive listings and features that allow you to search by region or cuisine, restaurant rating and leave your digital footprint in the form of a review.
In addition to scanning menus, the app has digital menus that are easier to navigate, while cool trending features allow you to discover popular restaurants.
Features on Android, iOS, Windows phone that we like trend.
If your device is running out of memory, just have to occasionally make suggestions on where to eat or hang out with your friends, and the Google Maps app works fine;
You also get almost everything you need.
Location, time, rating, and user reviews, with signature dishes and meal charges entered.
Navigation, of course, is part of Google Maps.
What we love: simple navigation and discovery especially in a new city.
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