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Top 5 MLM Matrix Pitfalls When Choosing a Compensation Pay Plan - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
Top 5 MLM Matrix Pitfalls When Choosing a Compensation Pay Plan  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Do you know if the Web Marketing Matrix is designed for your success?
The top 5 pyramid schemes matrix traps when choosing a company.
Imagine someone telling you that you can make a lot of money by promoting a product or service, and then after months of hard work, you will find that your salary plan is not to increase your success.
Want to know how to avoid this happening to you? Then read on.
Here are the 5 largest MLM matrix traps in the compensation plan design. 1.
Not paid for your entire failure. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Commission payments for each MLM matrix type are too high/too low and there may be design flaws.
In reviewing the compensation plan, look for potential defects that may exist.
Let's take a look at the three most common matrix models to see where these defects may appear.
Binary works like this: your salary plan is divided into two parts
Row group, you have the left side of the team member and you have the right side of the team member.
This is your left and right legs.
In some business models, you sponsor only one person per leg, while others allow you to sponsor 3 people or more.
But in either case, your business is divided into two parts. line groups.
A major flaw in the binary model is the so-called "weak leg" payment plan.
In most weak leg salary plans, less than 50% of all products sold by the team are paid.
This is how it works.
Let's say your left leg team generated $18,000 in product revenue while your right leg generated $20,000 in product revenue.
In the "weak legs" compensation plan, you will not be paid on the legs with the highest sales.
So $20,000 in sales, the sales of the team you strive to build,
The line you created, you won't get any pay!
Let's express it in currency.
If your commission on that $ 5% is 20,000, you lose $1000, not just once, but once a month.
Now imagine if your strong leg sales are $200,000 a month.
This is $10,000 per month or the Commission you don't get is $120,000 per year. YIKES!
I asked you this. . .
Would you accept a job that works 40 hours a week, but they only pay you 20 of them?
No, most people won't.
So, be sure to pay attention to this when looking at the compensation plan in the binary.
You only have half of your income --
Line's efforts are completely against common sense.
The standard single matrix, also known as Unilevel.
This type of matrix can be one thing that can happen in all matrices.
The Commission structure may be too complicated.
Let's say you have two plans tied together, and in the first plan, the percentage of the entire 8-level compensation plan is consistent at 5%.
In the second time, the percentage increased and decreased several times.
Level 1 2%, then jump to 15% at level 2, jump to 25% at level 2, then jump to 6% at level 3, then jump to 12% at level 4, then drop to 3%, and so on.
Remember "a confused person always says no or quit.
\ "So avoid the pitfalls of confusing commission payment plans to explain.
The last payment plan matrix that we will cover is multiple, and you will hear it called the coding bonus payment plan.
This structure is what the name means.
It uses more than one standard matrix that we just learned.
You build a standard matrix first.
Then, when your team builds, you can start a new matrix and build a second team.
Why does one start a second team?
Why not pay attention to the person you have registered?
What is the motivation to do so?
In the second matrix, incentives are bigger bonuses and higher commissions.
There are two major flaws in this structure: first, people are left behind.
How this happened.
Suppose a person is registered in the initial matrix at the beginning of the sponsor.
Now, when the sponsor starts his/her second matrix and pursues a bigger bonus, where do you think he or she will focus their efforts?
Yes, in the second matrix, the person in the 1st matrix is left behind.
This is the 1st by-product of this business model.
The second trap is that everyone has to recruit more people than a single matrix model.
Everyone put in valuable time and effort to build their initial matrix, but in order to build a new matrix to get a higher commission and bonus, they had to look for new sponsors.
It can be very challenging for ordinary people.
Be sure to look for all 5 traps related to matrix design.
Make sure all your sales are paid
OK, make sure the Commission is easy to explain, make sure you don't have to sponsor more people to start a brand new matrix and make sure no one is left behind.
Find a master Network Connection program that can help you make the right choice.
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