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Tips to Take Care of a Snowflake Eel - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Tips to Take Care of a Snowflake Eel  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Snowflake sea fish has several names such as Yunhai sea fish, Yunhai sea fish and starry sea fish, belonging to the genus Echidna.
PetPonder provides information on Snowflake eel care, focusing on the size of the aquarium, compatible tank partners, and the eating habits of snowflake eel.
Always put food into the aquarium with feeding tongs.
Snowflake eel has poor eyesight and a very good sense of smell, which is why if you feed them with your hands, they may mistake your hands for food and bite you instead.
Snowflake Fish eel is a real eel native to India.
Pacific Ocean, Baha, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Hawaii.
They belong to the mur family of fish, including about 120 species of marine eel living in tropical and subtropical shallow waters. Their snake-
The absence of thoracic and abdominal fins can also lead to this phenomenon.
Their skin is secreted to protect mucus and help them swim in the water.
Unlike 19 and 6 sub-species of angu fish freshwater eel that migrate only to the ocean or ocean, sea eel like Snowflake eel prefers slightly salty water.
They have small fins behind their mouths on both sides.
They must constantly open and close their mouths so that the water can circulate through the fins.
These eels are very tame and far less aggressive than other sea eels.
However, they become aggressive when feeding. 8. 1 to 8. 1. 022-1. 75-
Minimum 120 liter/32 gallon tank with safety cover or well
Frozen meat
Shrimp, meat, etc. 2-
3 times a week depending on size;
Sea urchins, starfish, sea anemones, etc.
Snowflake eel can grow to 90 cm/36 inch.
They can easily exceed a small one.
That's why they should be placed in a fish tank or aquarium of the right size.
To be safer, put them in an aquarium with a capacity of 75 gallons.
Before putting these eels into a fish tank, make sure that the fish tank environment imitates their natural habitat.
So, you can cover the bottom of the aquarium with about 3 inch of the aquarium sand.
In their natural habitat, snowflake eel hides in a gap or cave at the bottom, revealing only part of its head.
Once they find their prey, they will pounce on it.
Make sure you provide caves, rocks or other hiding places large enough in the tank to allow the eel to fit in.
Since these eels are nocturnal creatures that hide during the day and come out for dinner at night, you should turn off the lights of the aquarium at night and turn it on during the day.
Snowflake eel is a messy eater, which is why tanks have to be cleaned regularly.
So there should be a good filtration system for the aquarium.
The aquarium also needs an internal water pump, a protein remover, a water heater and a thermometer.
It should also have a scale to check the content of the salt.
Also, make sure the rocks or decorations in the tank are safe as this eel will overthrow them and damage the coral.
Another option is to bury PVC pipes in live rocks.
The pH value of the tank should remain constant and stable, and should meet the requirements of the fish kept in the tank.
It must be noted that even minor changes in pH can put pressure on fish.
In their natural habitat, they make a living on shellfish, which is why it is not recommended to put ornamental crabs, lobsters or other shellfish in a fish tank.
These eel can be placed in a coral reef aquarium, which refers to an aquarium containing coral, marine animals and small fish.
However, as the eel grows, it may squeeze and feed the eel with its blunt and hard teeth. sized fish.
So, do not place fish that can be swallowed.
Snow eel is unlikely to eat small fish if properly fed.
So, pay attention to their diet. âx9c¦ Similar-
Can put the size of the snowflake sea eel together.
If you are going to put two snowflake sea fish in the fish tank and put them in the fish tank at the same time.
Because these eels are less aggressive, two snowflake Eels can be put together.
However, there should be enough space in the tank.
Most of these Eels show aggressive behavior only when Fed.
However, attention must be paid to their size as they are larger
Snowflakes of the size sometimes have cannibalism.
In addition, some sea fish, such as honeycomb sea fish, can feed on snowflakes.
Don't feed it to freshwater fish.
It prefers live food, which is why it may take time to get used to frozen food.
All in all, snowflake sea eel is one of the easiest to keep sea eel due to its easy-to-manage size.
In order for the eel to thrive, you need to make sure the water quality is good and feed the eel properly.
If the tank has a safe lid that prevents the eel from venturing out, it can be kept in the aquarium.
When the food is placed in the fish tank, the snowflake eel suddenly becomes aggressive when chasing the smell.
During this time it may bite other fish due to poor eyesight.
It's better not to put shrimp and crabs in the fish tank.
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