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Tips to Take Care of a Black Piranha - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Tips to Take Care of a Black Piranha  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Black Piranha, also known as red fish piranha, is a meat-eating marine creature found mainly in South America (Amazon and orinoko Basin.
Amateurs and enthusiasts are keen to tame the species due to their unique temperament and physical features.
If you are such a fan, PetPonder \'s has some tips on black piranha care. Take a look!
As people grow older, piranha is becoming more and more aggressive.
Therefore, preventive measures should be taken during storage tank maintenance or when feeding into the storage tank.
A bit shy and lonely fish.
However, don't expect them to be shy when robbing food.
These piranha are meat.
Diners mainly eat small fish and animals.
They have a strong body, a very strong chin and a few sharp teeth.
So, if you plan to put one like this in the aquarium, it's better not to soak your hands in the tank.
Here are some facts and figures about the species, as well as some tips for care. Check them out.
When these fish grow to 17 inch long, 75to 100-
Perfect gallon tank.
In addition, they need oxygen-rich and clean water as freshwater fish.
In order to ensure that the conditions of the water remain appropriate, it is ideal to use tank filtration and wet/dry sewage pools-
Based on filtering.
Adequate internal water should also be ensured
Maintain air flow at oxygen level.
This can be achieved by using a spray rod or additional power head.
In order to remove the accumulated nitrate (due to rotten food), a weekly change of water is also required.
When replacing water, replace about 25% of existing water with new water.
Doing so helps to maintain the best water quality.
Finally, it is also crucial to maintain proper water temperature.
Use the heater to keep the water temperature between 75 and 80 degrees F.
In addition, ensure that the pH value of the water is within the range of 4. 5 to 7. 5.
Safety comes first when setting up the tank, especially those fish that may be harmful to humans.
Try to put the wires of the filter and the power head outside the tank, which is because, if there are any loose wires in the tank, the piranha may chew them.
This can be harmful to the fish and you.
Secondly, close the lid of the tank at any time and keep the tank at a fairly high height if you have children.
Piranha has no excess humans and they bite when they see their fingers or hands submerged in the water and think it's food.
Also, piranha has a tendency to jump, so it's always a good idea to keep the lid off in order to avoid accidents.
Come and decorate as piranha is a freshwater fish that introduces sandy substrate, some aquatic plants and some smooth rocks or swamps
Wood will do it.
Also, keep in mind that Piranha hates bright lights when illuminating the tank;
Therefore, the use of low
The strength of the bulb or tube.
If you plan to add another piranha to the tank, don't do that.
Piranha is a lonely fish, and even if they are fellow piranha, they do not like the company of other fish.
The introduction of fish larger than piranha will make the atmosphere more tense, while smaller fish will be eaten by Piranha.
If you intend to breed them, take the females out after the spawn process.
It is well known that the male is responsible for looking after the eggs, but the young ones should be transferred to another tank after hatching.
What is food?
Definitely not vegetables!
Piranha is like shellfish, small fish and animals.
2-teenagers must be fed
4 times a day, and the old one can feed 1-2 times.
The Feed includes shellfish (meat) such as fish, insects, blood worms, tubuifex worms, shrimp, and rattan pots ).
Occasionally, you can also feed some white fish and fish.
Do not feed the meat of mammals (chicken, beef, etc ).
) For piranha, this meat contains a lot of fat, which may affect the health of piranha.
You can also consider feeding frozen fish if you don't get live fish.
Dry worms are also a good alternative to living food.
It is clear from the points mentioned above that black piranha is a highly aggressive and lonely marine creature.
They are rather tenacious and very unsuitable to be owned by children or inexperienced processors.
But one thing is certain, having a black piranha is like having a unique fish on Earth.
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