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things to do in new york - - doing dishes in a new york restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
things to do in new york -  -  doing dishes in a new york restaurant
New York is a city full of expectations. it can always meet people's expectations.
There are so many things to do in this city that you will never want to leave. 1.
New York Botanical Garden.
If you take the subway north at the central station and then go to the Botanical Garden station, you will be in the garden.
There are 250 acres of beautiful gardens to enjoy and explore.
You can have lunch at the Garden Cafe and if the weather is good, you can stay there for an afternoon! 2.
Visit the village.
There are many shops in this village, especially in St. Mark’s Place.
You can enjoy your shopping there, there is almost anything you want!
Or, if you want, sit in a beautiful cafe and watch the world go. 3.
Empire State Building.
You can't go to New York without this landmark.
You should remember to take the camera because the photos are something you never want to forget! 4.
American Museum of Natural History
There are many things to see and do in this museum, including galleries about animals, dinosaurs, astronomy, ancient human history, etc.
You can also visit its sister building Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is great for anyone interested in art or history. 5.
Statue of Liberty
This is another iconic New York statue and no one will want to leave New York without a visit.
It is not only an amazing piece of art, it is also a great American symbol.
Remember your camera! 6. Times Square.
At Times Square you will see everything from restaurants, bars, topbistros to the theater.
The atmosphere in Times Square is always special, and it has a lot of buzz, which is undeniable.
You can visit here for a day, but you need a full day to explore! 7. China town.
Chinatown is a favorite place to hang out.
Little Italy is not far away, so be sure to go there.
There are many ethnic cookware stores, sweet shops stores, imported stores, cafes, etc.
There are a lot of winding streets and you may get lost, so use maps (or real life maps) on your phone )!
) Guide yourself around so you don't get stuck in the loop!
I can recommend these places myself as I recently won a trip to New York after taking part in some online competitions.
The most recent trip was my third trip and I still haven't experienced everything the city has to offer so I can guarantee it won't be my last trip!
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