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the wonders of greek cuisine - - what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
the wonders of greek cuisine -  -  what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world
There is nothing more important than homemade Greek olives, fruits, cheese, lamb, which are the daily diet of the Greek people.
In this article, we will discuss Greek cuisine, which is an integral part of Greek culture.
Anyone who has been to Greece will deliberately smile every time he mentions the topic of Greek food.
There is no Greek food anywhere else in the world.
Full of fresh green vegetables, no spices covering the flavor of the ingredients, full of beef and mutton dishes that can tempt any taste, there is something in Greek cuisine that will appeal to anyone.
One of the easiest ways to feel Greek cuisine is to learn about the food that makes up most of the dishes.
Olives are everything in Greece.
There are so many varieties of olives that the Greeks prefer to say, saying that you don't like olives is like saying that you don't like candy: There are a lot of extra options if you happen to dislike a form.
From black olives to green olives, from Kalamata to pelopissos, everyone has olives.
Of course, when you think of olives and cooking, you have to think of olive oil, which is also an important part of Greek tradition.
Do you believe that olive oil can be used for almost all Greek dishes, as well as for the decoration of salad sauce or other dishes.
Bread is important in Greek meals, as are fruits and vegetables. Delicious Greek bread is usually served in each meal and dipped in olive oil or sauce for dinner last night.
The local bakery offers a variety of fresh hot breads and recipes.
Fruits and vegetables are always fresh;
The Greeks were very proud of their fruits and vegetables.
Tomatoes are prepared in many dishes.
Tomatoes are often stuffed with meat, rice and onions and sometimes served directly in olive oil.
Sometimes they are even mixed with flour and eggs called "tomatoes" after frying"keftedes.
The green and red bell peppers are another popular ingredient.
They can also be prepared with rice or beef, or baked and served with regular food.
Potatoes are another important ingredient in Greece.
They are found in stews, usually roasted with olive oil, onions, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper and oregano.
Fried potatoes in olive oil are usually served as side dishes.
In Greece, they use garlic and onions freely in their food.
Fresh fruit, including figs, is a common dessert.
The Greeks are traditionally big meat eaters.
You said they ate.
I often eat mutton, beef, pork, chicken, and even goats and rabbits.
Meat is usually stewed with garlic, onions and potatoes.
There is no doubt that lamb is the most popular meat option in Greece.
Roast lamb is the favorite food for Easter.
Roast lamb chops and potatoes are popular for Sunday dinner, and roast lamb chops are always popular.
Seafood is also a Greek favorite in the Mediterranean.
Squid, sardines and smelt fish are the most basic fish ever eaten.
Lobster is probably the most expensive.
Before eating fish in a Greek restaurant, you are often encouraged to go back to the kitchen to check the fish and make sure the fish is fresh.
There you can decide what you want to eat.
Octopus, light dishes, shrimp and cod are other popular Greek seafood options.
As a dessert, baklava is the most common Greek cuisine, made of a special dough called Filo.
It is made of nuts, honey and sugar and is a layered pastry.
The Greek food provides something for everyone.
This is also a healthy dish, mainly because there is a lot of olive oil in it.
It is well known that Greeks who eat traditional Greek food live on average much longer than residents in other countries.
Greek food is delicious and good for your health and you won't find a better combination than that.
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