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the wonderful mouth watering cuisines of kerala - top restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
the wonderful mouth watering cuisines of kerala  -  top restaurant dishes
Now I want to tell you about the unique cuisine of Kerala.
Kerala is a state in the south of India.
It is covered by the Arabian Sea in the east.
Kerala is unique in many ways, such as its food, water retreat, boat ride, eco-tourism, plush green vegetation, unique local culture, colorful festivals and exotic beaches
Last year, when I was traveling in Kerala and visiting different areas of Kerala, I still remember that whenever I went on an outing, I always tried to enjoy the local food, which was really great
In local food known around the world for its unique and wonderful taste, your taste buds are really a very good enjoyment, in many countries, including Western countries all over the world, also
Some of Kerala's delicacies are known for their wonderful taste, such as Appam, Putu, Idiypam, Idli, Dosa, etc. most of them are treated as breakfast and most of the time however, it depends on your wishes when you want to eat, but everything is very delicious.
The other delicious dishes are Parippu [a Dali. e.
Sam], Sambhar [is a sauerkraut cooked with beans and some vegetables (such as eggplant, carrot, pumpkin, gourd, tomato, etc.
] Very delicious, Rasam [a spicy sour soup made of different spices and tamarind etc], Khichdi [made of rice, pulse], different vegetables are very delicious, enough for you to have water in your mouth, French fries made of bananas and jackfruit [] you can eat at any time even while drinking tea, avial [vegetables] cooked with ground coconut, condensed milk, spices, cumin and Green cold sauce.
Kerala dishes are usually spicy, fresh, fragrant and seasoned.
Since Kerala is a coastal area, Rice is the main crop in Kerala, so the local people mainly rely on seafood for a living. e.
Fish, coconuts and rice, so they use rice, coconuts and fish in many different dishes prepared around Kerala.
The variety of dishes served in Kerala is the result of a mix of local produce and unique traditions;
Coconuts and bananas have become an integral part of a variety of dishes in Kerala.
Payasam is a popular dessert in Kerala. it is widely consumed in all parts of Kerala and is also popular with tourists.
It is made of coconut milk, brown syrup, spices and later decorated with mashed cashews and raisins.
Although payasam like jackfruit payasam, lentils payasam and Bangladesh payasam have different types.
It is worth tasting all payasam and you will love all of them.
The Institute of Development Law and Doas are very famous, not only in Kerala, but also in India and all over the world, if you go to any country of Indian restaurants, you will find Idi, night, wada and Sambhar.
Idli is prepared with boiled rice and then crushed and molded in the form of a small bowl-sized cake.
Wada is prepared by various pulses, also like idli, but there is a hole in the middle, Dosa is prepared with a mixture of rice, some pulses, then by applying this paste to a large rectangular pan and then heating it up with some butter for a while to make it hard and look like a large charpatti
All of these Idli, Wada and Dosa come with Sambhar and coconut sauce.
So, if you haven't been to Kerala so far and plan to take a vacation in Kerala, it would be wise to choose any vacation package in Kerala, ask your tour operator to make sure you visit all the famous local restaurants and restaurants so that you can enjoy local cuisine in Kerala.
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