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the typical dishes of the venetian cuisine - typical thai restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
the typical dishes of the venetian cuisine  -  typical thai restaurant dishes
Veneto is one of the regions of Italy, which can better combine old recipes with experiments of new flavors.
Venice cuisine is also one of the richest cuisines on the entire peninsula, combining worse food such as beans, vegetables, rice and pasta, and the most popular food such as meat, sausages and fish are still the most common food people eat.
There are many typical fish, including seawater and fresh water;
All we need to do is think about many rivers, such as the Marco River, the Po River, Lake Garda and the Adriatic Sea.
In fact, the taste and taste of Venetian cuisine rose from the island a long time ago;
Later, they were mixed with each other and confused with the ingredients and aromas of mainland products, and the culinary imagination was supported by the food experience gained during the Middle East merchant's travels.
The ancient fish soup and shell soup are a strong sign because of the richness of the fish dishes, grilled on the grill, delicious fried, stewed (stewed squid) exciting Venetian saor cuisine (ancient Venetian recipe, sweet onion-and-sour).
But the original features remain faithful to the ancient origins, where fishing, hunting and gardening provide products and ingredients for Venetian cuisine.
Many are typical dishes of Venetian cuisine, and the repertoire is very diverse and wise even in the seemingly simplest dishes.
In all seven provinces, we can find dishes made with two basic elements, the presence of corn flour, and spices, raisins, and so on that are often used in ingredient recipes of obvious Oriental descent.
The origin of the Padua dish is simple, it uses a large number of poultry and garden products with no spices or exotic ingredients.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to the classic Venetian rice and peas, in the restaurant in Padua, we can enjoy some special dishes, such as nesoca (goose with grease) from onto Silva) rice (chicken) with chicken rovinassi and
In dessert, there is tortillas, a cake made of tortillas mud, biscuit bread, milk, syrup, eggs and pine nuts.
Treviso cuisine is famous all over the world, especially the delicate radicchio accompanied by all the dishes, meat and fish, rice and even fried.
Another feature is the risotto flavored with shrimp and eel.
Treviso is also known for its special lugantuan (sausage), which is bagged and bundled together in order to be divided into four sections.
In Venetian cuisine, risottos, vegetable or bean soup, steaming corn porridge, soups and delicious pasta (long and thick pasta) are appetizers in the main course of the fish, there are Carp, trout, sardines, scallops, spider crab with thorns, eel, squid and soup.
The meat is very simple to make, and the dishes include many wildlife and animals in the yard, as well as traditional sauces, just like the historic cavpastizada de caval veronese.
Tradition is also the processing of pork, just think about the delicious house sausage, spicy, left in the wet wine cellar for a long time to mature.
We can also find several kinds of mushrooms, about 400, some of which are listed as mushrooms.
Rich and delicious dishes, also suitable for the highest taste, with this wide selection, it is not necessary to wait too long to find at least one or more dishes on the menu that can satisfy them.
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