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The Tao of 007 - new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
The Tao of 007  -  new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish
I like James Bond.
The reason why I like him is obvious.
He is handsome, witty, smart, sexy, funny, etc.
But his less obvious qualities make it hard for me. core admirer.
The man was present.
He is 100% focused on the present.
A mystic cannot do better;
He is the one we know.
He is fully awake under any circumstances.
His eyes were not blurred.
The tires without drooling were on his lips.
He's not Elvis: he doesn't mentally leave the building, and he doesn't fantasize that he has a romantic contact in the moonlight on Belize beach, forgetting the part where the alligator bites his spires.
James lives in the present.
He was not obsessed with the gorilla costume in the wardrobe as a better disguise, and he did not blame himself for missing the anesthesia cuff during his last mission.
Bond processes the materials and information at hand.
He's moving now.
He has no heavy baggage and will not worry about his views being confused in the future.
Bond wouldn't let fear trip him.
Hang him upside down on open fire, face-to-face with acid, broken metal sheets or any of your various weapons of mass destruction, and James acts as if it was daily life, albeit fatal.
This person will not be angry.
He won't flinch under the table when it's half an hour
Aim at him automatically.
I would be a human being in the fetal position, screaming bloody murder or scared dumb, just trying to get it all over quickly.
Wearing that deer, I will panic, despair, freeze in fear --in-the-Headlight look;
James will participate with amazing energy, vigilance and preparation.
I admire Bond's fearless spirit.
He believes in himself completely.
He remained calm, calm and collected when the bomb was ruthlessly ticking into a singledigit seconds.
He will not sweat, nor will he concentrate.
Bond has adaptability and flexibility in various situations.
When he is in trouble, he becomes creative and gets his resources: attention, physical proficiency, mental acuity, secret mission equipment, and even sexual play
There may be a prickly cactus to block the crawling entrant, or there may be a hot air balloon to cleverly escape.
One thing I like about James Bond is that he believes he can always be the agent of change.
He is a persistent man.
He is full of confidence, not fear.
He reminded me of a Japanese proverb: "Seven Falls. Get up eight.
"James has his toys, too. duper Q-
Spy Gadgets and Tech gadgets were designed.
Who knows that the use of the strap or goggles is so wide, and the degree of death will be much smaller?
There are always some mechanized objects that he knows how to use and who owns him.
My tools are limited;
No back-
R & D in my life.
However, I have two resources to call my own:
The brain is worn and overactive.
Can I say death to a bad guy?
Tired him with my versatile vocabulary?
I wonder if these resources are sufficient.
This reminds me of a story.
A few years ago, I met a college friend. to-
Become the husband of New York City for dinner and performance.
It was late and they insisted on sending me to the car I parked on the edge of Hell's Kitchen.
We walked out of the theater district and noticed that the young man had been following our trio, one street after another, one block after another.
He is like a lone wolf, close to the shadow, walking in the periphery in the firm pursuit.
The lone wolf was behind me when we approached the car.
I turned to face him and asked, "Why are you following us?
He pulled out a knife.
My friend's future husband is a runner who does what he knows: he runs.
My friend did what she knew: she pursued her future.
It made me stand alone with the lone wolf, a young male with a distant look in his eyes and a knife threatening my right arm. Time stopped.
Everything is surreal, slow-moving, like it happens underwater.
I groped to open my wallet.
He thought I was going to give him money.
I took out my pager without thinking of it, and it was my necessary tool, as I was a crisis intervention consultant at the time.
I played with a button that started to give a soft, slight "beep, beep" in the cave-like concrete community ".
The lone wolf looked at me in confusion.
I could instinctively feel that he would drive the knife into my upper arm.
I suddenly realized that I could scream. So, I began.
It is a very small cartoon character, a little screaming, weak and irrelevant.
When I went in, my Volume got bigger, my cartoon character Self got bigger, and I made a hell of a sound. I scared him. He ran.
The police later said that if the Lone Wolf had a gun, I would die.
He did not, however.
This time I can say I'm a bit like James Bond: I stay here and use the resources I have, my pager and my voice.
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