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the success formula behind wok restaurants - five star restaurant dish with bugs

by:Two Eight     2019-09-13
the success formula behind wok restaurants  -  five star restaurant dish with bugs
The Wok restaurant can be seen almost all over the country.
It offers a great selection of fish, meat, vegetables and even boomerang
This is fried rice from China.
Chinese people usually use iron pans.
This is a product that they often use in the kitchen for frying, stirring, steaming, and cooking different types of soup and popcorn.
The iron pan comes with a bowl like a visual appeal and it has different shapes.
However, Chinese cooks like to use larger cooks to create more cooking space for food when throwing food --
To avoid burning.
The Frying Pan does not require a lot of oil, which is why the food cooked in it is likely to be healthy and fat-free.
In a restaurant, you will notice how the cooks make food for you from start to finish.
The taste was fantastic and many people were questioning what the secret of wokankants was and why they became so popular in a very short time?
The first thing I observed was that when eating at the wok restaurant, they might have a special way to prepare food in the wok.
Here are some of my opinions on this: 1.
I observed that just before they put in a small amount of oil, they waited for the pot to actually be very hot. 2.
They threw the food into the pan and waited only a few minutes.
They don't overcook, which is why you see the meat tender and the vegetables stiff --
But they are not cooked.
Maybe this is the secret-
The way to be able to cook Chinese food most effectively is to keep the pan very hot and cook food only in the shortest possible time. 3.
They use peanut oil instead of ordinary cooking oil.
It provides more food flavor, plus peanut oil will not burn more than olive oil even at the highest temperature, the rape oil we use at home and other common oils. 4.
Last but not least, perhaps one of their secrets is to make it before the meal is served.
People want to eat a hot and juicy dish instead of a preheated one.
You can also get this service in a 5 star restaurant, but you will spend a lot of money there.
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