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by:Two Eight     2019-06-20
Gujarat wedding without food is incomplete.From grandparents to younger cousins, countless uncles and aunts, everyone is looking forward to the moment to enjoy delicious food at the wedding.Whether you believe it or not, today's young couples spend almost as much time and energy preparing an innovative and unique menu for their big day, because they spent deciding on their wedding dress and kimono.
Take care of a famous local dish Dhoklas and Kachoris.The wedding platter was filled with a heart --All kinds of dishes from all over the country, even international cuisine, are incredible.If you are worried that most of your wedding guests in Gujarat are mostly vegetarians and if you can adapt to the world --To satisfy their dietary preferences, the famous dishes, well, don't worry.
In today's guide, we introduce you to a range of the best vegetarian dishes to impress your guests on your special day.1.For most Gujarat, a healthy appetizer is incomplete and does not need to be swallowed.You won't meet a lot of appetizers.Fried or grilledThe humble Dhokla is steamed so this is a great choice for allEveryone likes a good dhokla from people who observe weight to people who eat healthy.
So, how about adding some twist to this dish!Instead of offering plated dhoklas, build a dhokla bar with a variety of sauces, chutney and other accompaniment.In this way, your guests can choose the accompaniment they like, whether it's coriander, garlic, tomato or coconut chutney.2.Rice -Without rice, any Indian meal is incomplete.
If you don't eat white rice or Zela Rice, why don't you eat this delicious pulao?Originated in the court of Nawabs, it is equivalent to the vegetarian diet of the famous Hyderabadi birbiryani.Skip biryani and choose this aromatic Pulau mixed with spices, dried fruits, saffron and milk.Your guest will thank you for adding this dish to the wedding menu, not the greasy biryanis.
Lentils -This is the famous formula, which originated from the peacock Dynasty Hotel and New Delhi of the International Trade Center.Used to be a rustic dish, fiveThe Star Hotel is known for its abundance and Paradise.Made with a tomato stew of ulladal-Based on gravy and a lot of butter and cream, this dish is sure to melt the hearts of guests and let them lick their fingers.
It goes well with naans, parathas, kulchas and even the Zafrani Pulao included above.It is rich, though, but not spicy, and it is ideal from children to the elderly.4.Salads -This will definitely satisfy the fitness madman on your guest list.
Made with fresh and healthy ingredients such as bread Ding and lettuce, mixed with cheese, anchovy and sprinkled with lemon juice, vinegar sauce, olive oil and black pepper, this one will add other caloriesThere are many dishes on your menu.Caesar salad was so popular among wedding guests that all the best caterers in pattiara, Ahmadinejad and elsewhere in Gujarat put it on their menu.5.Chutneys -This is the classic dish of Orissa.
Most importantly, this is a dish you can't usually find at a wedding in Gujarat.This is a good addition to Indian bread and can even eat it yourself.The pickled eggplant is fried in the oil and then dipped in the curd.
Add onion and garlic and soup.
Crispy egg plants and sour yogurt are ready for some great lipsThe moment to hit the child.6.While this doesn't look right at a traditional Gujarat wedding, trust us, young guests on your list will love these.Also, you can be sure that parents will thank you for adding special children's meals to the menu.
Pasta, pastaA lot of choices.
Remember to include a large amount of fresh vegetables for a healthy and fulfilling diet.If you're looking for something richer, then putting a hearty cheese on mac and cheese is definitely a group of people --pleaser.7.There are vegetarian desserts in Indian food.
From classical literature-Gajar halwa, gulab jamun, rasgulla, jalebi, malpua, pair of brownies like pedas, eggless and ice cream, eggless cake8.When it comes to drinks, some of Ahmedabad's best catering services are launching innovative products such-Ice cream bar, gol gappas (Indian popsicle), momojitos, ras, fresh juices for mixed sodas and more.What's more, today's drinks are served in interesting glassware, such as pipettes, wine glasses, Mason cans, etc.
On top of that, there are many other innovative vegetarian dishes that impress your guests, including Shahi Parnell, vegan kebabs, pastor of North India, SouthVadas, dosas and many more in India.Get in touch with your caterer to see if they can make creative changes to the regular wedding menu and leave a lasting food memory for your guests!
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