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the ratio | - how to properly wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-19
the ratio  |  -  how to properly wash dishes in a restaurant
Bleach is a household chemical that is very versatile.
Besides being a powerful household cleaner, bleach is also an effective biokiller-
A chemical that can kill organic matter in contact.
This property makes bleach essential for cleaning home mold, sanitizing bacterial infections, or sanitizing household products.
In fact, bleach is so effective that it always needs to be diluted into aqueous solution before it can be used as a sanitation agent.
There are almost as many things that can or should be disinfected in your home as there are items in your home.
Because young children themselves do not have good cleaning skills, disinfection of surfaces at home where you prepare food or change your child's diapers can be a good precaution, and children's toys can also be disinfected.
Disinfection of surfaces stained with blood or any other body fluid is essential to prevent the potential spread of the disease.
If part of your home is in contact with floods, sewer water, or any other material potentially contaminated, you can quickly disinfect the area with bleach solution and contain contamination.
The appropriate solutions used for each health project depend largely on the nature of the project.
To disinfect food contact surfaces such as countertops, dining tables, or eating surfaces of children's high chairs, use about 1/4 teaspoons. bleach to 1 qt. water.
To disinfect any surface that may be contaminated with blood, feces or body fluids, increase the bleach content to 1 tablespoon.
Dehydration per quart
The latter is also a great solution to soak toys in the children's mouths.
Re-larger items like sterilized food cans
Using, sanitizing large surfaces such as walls and stoves or removing mold colonies requires a more effective solution of 1 cup of bleach to 1 qt. of water.
For most smaller hygiene items, it is enough to wash with soap, hot water, and then apply bleach solution with a spray bottle.
Make sure the scrub area works in bleach and is completely dry.
Alternatively, small items like children's toys can be soaked in containers filled with bleach solutions.
For the disinfection tank, remove the label and glue used to paste the label, clean the tank with hot soapy water, soak the tank briefly in the bleach solution and let the air dry.
Areas where mold colonies are removed should also allow air to dry.
Always ventilate your room using bleach solution.
Doing so will not only remove toxic bleach smoke from the air, but also introduce new fresh air.
Do not mix bleach or any bleach solution with any product containing ammonia because the resulting smoke is toxic to humans.
If a large amount of bleach is required or repeated disinfection is required, use surgical masks and gloves.
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