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The path to sauce nirvana - dish restaurant in ridgewood ny

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
The path to sauce nirvana  -  dish restaurant in ridgewood ny
I 've been trying to make the perfect Bologna sauce for half of my life.
Twenty-nine years ago, before the performance of Martha and the motel, I wandered behind a cunning Italian restaurant in Wollongong.
The chef showed me his hero dish in his disgusting kitchenette, a pot of gling purr blood --
Red meat sauce.
It has been cooked for several days and I want to be re-heated every night to a boiling state for service.
Very spectacular.
Since then I have tried to fail, searched and forgot more meat sauce than the right one.
When I wrote about food, I was never a critic of a restaurant in my previous life.
I wrote a lot of gossip about the food industry, restaurants and cafes, and a lot about people behind food, family chefs and people like Fiona Hosking, Don Cameron, Terry Dan Alps and many others.
I have a lot of recipes but never one is perfect for Bologna.
Since our son left home last year, my bedside companion book has always been my kitchen year . . . . . . Former New York Times food critic and writer Ruth Rachel saved 136 of my life.
This is a collection of family recipes that made her redundant during the year she worked as an editor of the food magazine.
(Look at her other titles: bone tender, comfort me with Apple, delicious!
And garlic and Sapphire.
They are comfortable in reading.
I believe in Ruth and her recipes.
I made her an Italian sauce with expensive salami. Nah. Tizzy.
How long I cook (8 hours) sauce, how much milk I add (or not), how good the tomatoes are, it doesn't matter if I add sugar, whether it's pork and veal, braised pork cooked in two days, or the best quality Italian boutique sausage, I failed.
Until last weekend.
If the restaurant is not available, it could be brutal for restaurant critic John leslane.
However, during a recent visit to Launceston, he highlighted some of the great food innovators in our city. . .
Sweet brewing and fermented tazhou.
In his column last Saturday, he talked about comfort and showed me (and maybe you) another sauce.
There is no beef and thyme sauce.
On the contrary, the sauce relies on cloves and bay leaves.
My leth lean meat sauce can be frozen. 2 celery;
Method: use a large, heavy-
Add based on pot
Chopped celery, carrots, onions and garlic.
Fried to transparent.
Put all the meat on the vegetables, pat it down and cook it for 10 minutes, says Les Lane.
Break down and mix meat through vegetables while adding wine and boiling.
Hold on to blistering until most of the wine evaporates and then add canned tomatoes, ketchup, water, cloves and bay leaves.
Stir, reduce heat, cook for at least four hours at low temperatures, and stir occasionally.
Serving: I ordered Bologna sauce on the pasta with chopped European parsley and a spoonful of cool fresh ricotta cheese next to it.
Quote Sophia Roland: "I owe pasta everything you see . ".
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