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The Old Ground Hotel, Ennis - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-02
The Old Ground Hotel, Ennis  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
O'Connell Street in Dublin is considered one of the widest main streets in Europe.
The equivalent of Ennis, however, may be the narrowest passage with the name of the great liberator.
However, the main street in Clare's capital may boast of a more impressive statue of the great Irish, who proudly stands on Nelson's pillars and watches the towns below.
The statue was unveiled as early as 1865, nearly 40 years after the Liberator elected Claire in 1828, which led to the liberation of the Catholic Church.
There is no doubt that the unveiling of the statue and the election victory of 1828 triggered a grand celebration in the city center, most likely in the manor, which is now one of the best four in the county --
Star hotels on the old ground.
The manor dates back to the 18 th century, and it still retained by-until it became a hotel in 1895-
The modern amenities of the modern hotel make our life more comfortable.
A very warm welcome awaits you and stays in touch with you throughout your stay at the hotel, with a very relaxing lounge area throughout the lobby, the stylish and comfortable bedroom and the hotel's own private contemporary art collection are all about the historical walls of the old ground.
During your stay at the hotel, be sure to take part in a walking tour of the center of Ennis Town.
The hotel can organize the journey through time hiking, leading you to the atmospheric streets of the town, while revealing interesting characters and stories that shape its history.
The guide tells the story of famine and poverty, murder and hanging, and explains some Ireland including O'Connell, Emon de vareira and Charles Stewart Parnell
After an afternoon of bumps in the narrow streets of the town, when the night has survived, you will return to another residence where you can taste the famous cuisine of the hotel restaurant, the restaurant is already included in the Bridgestone guide in Ireland.
Seasonal locally produced ingredients are used on the menu, including St Tola organic goat cheese from Inagh, Miltown shellfish and Burren Lamb.
The menu in the restaurant is excellent, including the signature dish of the pot.
Grilled scallops with cauliflower and bay leaf sauce, vanilla roasted tenderloin and charcoal of Claire Lamb
Barbecue cakes, pine nuts, red currant, strawberries, bailimus.
After the meal, you should enjoy a few pints at the lively Poet's Corner Bar, where you will taste some real Clare hospitality, as well as the soundtrack atmosphere of the traditional music conference.
Ennis is the gateway to Clare's spectacular tourist attractions, and old places are your ideal base if you want to explore the coast or nearby Burren.
The hotel actually organizes a guided walk from the "heart of Burren" from the center of Burren in Kilfenora and will provide packed lunches for visitors.
The walk takes you into Burren National Park, along the famous Burren Road, through two great limestone hills of glennia and capanavara and blackhead green road overlooking Galway Bay.
Other highlights include the region's famous Arctic, mountains and Mediterranean flora, limestone walkways, and turloughs.
Elsewhere in Clare, close to Buren National Park, you can go to Father Ted's house for a cup of tea and some homemade scones.
The House of the parish of "rugged island" is located in half
From Corrofin to Kilfenora, it's not far from Kilnaboy, home to the legendary 4 channel comedy series.
Further north to Ballyvaughan, you can visit the oldest Aillwee cave in Ireland, which has 30-
Enjoy a minute guided tour of charming caves.
Or head to the coastal town of Dolin and visit the giant stalactites of Dolin caves, where you'll face to face with the longest free stalactites in the northern hemisphere --
Hanging stalactites 70 metres underground.
The coastal drive will take you past some of the top tourist attractions in Ireland and the country, the most spectacular views of Moher cliff, which is always impressive when you look out from the top of the mountain, 700 feet from the edge of the fierce Atlantic Ocean.
At Clare, golfers are also spoiled and they have two of Ireland's best link courses on the coast of Lahinch and Doonbeg.
Travel south to explore the dramatic ring Head Peninsula, or take a dolphin ride-
Visit while watching Carrigaholt.
For brave or stupid people (depending on the weather), surf lessons will certainly provide an unforgettable adventure for your trip to Clare.
While the Atlantic Ocean is likely to be close to freezing, there is no doubt that the open lawn of the old grounds will welcome you home.
For more information about the old ground Hotel, please visit.
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