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The Media Virus - How Network Marketing Affects Mainstream - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
The Media Virus - How Network Marketing Affects Mainstream  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Did you know that most of the broadcast media (television, newspapers, radio) are controlled by a small group of companies with specific agendas, reviewing the information you get every day, and more importantly, subconsciously push and control your way of thinking and life?
The good news is: Today, through the power of the Internet, we can change the consciousness of the public. -
We can make people aware of these problems and concerns. This e-
Mail is an example of this.
You see, in order for the masses to be under their control, our current media conditions are personally cynical, dependent and poor-
In their minds
Let me share with you an example that makes me passionate about this.
I watched a episode of NBC (News Entertainment), which they call Quixtar/Amway
Level/network marketing company) a scam, a cult. The only non-
The legal concern about beautification mentioned in the program is
Entrants in the industry earn 75% of their revenue through incentive products, and only 25% of their revenue comes from products they promote through Quixtar/Amway.
Since 1960, online marketing companies have been promoting incentive materials because it promotes the level of conscious thinking of individual breakthroughs
Not oppressed by the media.
The network marketing industry has popularized the personal development industry, making it the mainstream today.
In fact, I got the opportunity for personal development through online marketing, which changed my life.
(I have worked with Quixtar/Amway for three years and have never earned more than $200 a month.
) Now, personal development allows people to change their lives in many areas: intelligence, relationships, emotions, body, spirit and economy.
For Dateline NBC, only the top 1% make all the money (which is the case for all corporate hierarchy), a materialistic view --of-view.
90% of people have changed in their daily work, family and community, what will they do?
How much is this worth?
I think it's worth 75% of the revenue that a Web marketing guru might get.
Interestingly, Dateline NBC will say that these people are just money --
Drive, then just look at the bottom-
As a measure of their impact on the lives of others (money income ).
The real question is why NBC not only attacked Quixtar/Amway, but also indirectly attacked every individual development icon, including Count Nightingale (the weirdest secret), Tony Robbins (personal power) at napolam mountain )?
Thousands of successful people owe their lives to these people, including myself.
Why do some people say in the media that the movie "secret" is harmful?
When the Landmark Forum actively changes the lives of thousands of people around the world, why does the media call it a cult?
I'm sure that 10% of people who do landmark forums may not get anything out of it.
Let's compare it to the media: What is the percentage of people who are negatively affected by the media?
This figure is over 10%.
More importantly, how many people's lives have improved significantly by watching the media?
Do you know what's on the media?
It is full of subconscious images of violence, incest, depravity, poverty and criminal behavior.
It's a machine that lets you buy more products that make you feel good, make you feel insecure, and think from the perspective of scarcity and poverty.
Of course, this machine will oppose anyone who tells you to live your dreams, economic freedom, and consciousness.
There is another machine outside.
This is a growing sense of freedom. Thinking about human beings.
This is a video on YouTube, such as "fascist freedom ".
Personal stepping-
It is up to the governments of the world to decide and finally show their position.
What does it take to really make a difference?
It will take you--
Right here, right now.
Don't watch the news first.
Learn that people who are robbed, raped and murdered in your city today will only hurt your heart.
If you want to know about the world problem, you can log in to Google and do some intelligent search.
Watch YouTube if you want to entertain with video.
You have more choices today, so choose your media wisely.
What can you do now?
First of all, I want you to realize that the media may have limited your negative, impulsive, cynical thoughts.
What can you do now?
Forward this e-mail?
What if new media like the Internet can change the public awareness?
If you learn something from it, won't your friends learn something?
The world will surpass the current level of consciousness.
We have needs, we have desires, we have technology, we have choices.
We just need confidence now.
"Old friend, there is a war outside. A world war.
It's not about who has the most bullets.
This is about who controls the information.
What we see and hear, how we work, what we think. . .
This is all about information! -
In the movie Sneakers (1992), watch my video here: "If our day --to-then our day-to-
Affected by external factors such as the media. -
Let's love the world together. . .
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