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the main dish restaurant menu simple cabbage dishes add flavor and fiber to everyday meals

by:Two Eight     2019-06-23
Cabbage is a healthy, versatile vegetable that is perfect for both side dishes and entrees.Although some cabbage recipes take a lot of steps and a long cooking time, don't let it delay you.Many cabbage recipes are fast and simple enough to goFavorite food every day.
Cabbage is a foodie's favorite because it provides a lot of fiber and nutrition in low-content foodsVery low fat contentCal package: a whole cabbage weighs only 200 calories and adds vitamin A, vitamin C and K along with some of the necessary minerals, including iron and calcium.A cabbage can help you feel full for a long time, making it a great addition to any diet --conscious menu.Here are two quick and superSimple cabbage recipes can make an ordinary dinner a nutritious feast for filling your stomach.
Simple cabbage----1---Melt butter and/or oil with medium heat in a large pan.Add cabbage wedges and Cook to light brown, turn to make sure the wedges are cooked evenly;The number of edges is about 4 to 5 minutes.When the wedge becomes brown evenly, add vinegar, sugar and water.
Boil until the cabbage is soft and then Cook-About 15 minutes, but test doneness with a fork.Season with salt and pepper.This is a perfect cabbage dish --to-Make meat-free meals.---1 (16 ounces) Pack Bow----Melt half of butter or margarine in a large frying pan-low heat.
Add cabbage and onions.
Cover and cook until tender and Brown and stir frequently.Meanwhile, cooking bow-Tie noodles according to packing direction and drain pipe.When both cabbage and noodles are cooked, stir with cheese and sugar.
Season with salt and pepper.
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