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the main dish restaurant menu Beef Kabobs in Vinaigrette Marinade

by:Two Eight     2019-07-26
BBQ is always fun.We have family barbecues every Sunday.This is a very interesting thing and a great way to catch up with each other after a busy week.One problem I had was finding new BBQ recipes.Of course, hot dogs, burgers and steaks are easy, but we need to change from time to time.
That's why I'm always looking for new BBQ recipes.I like to try it out at a weekly family dinner and if everyone likes it, we will use it as part of the menu.I tried this new marinade last month, mainly because I had all the ingredients in the pantry.
I like balsamic vinegar, which is the main ingredient of this recipe.I call it a Beef Skewer with vinegar marinade.The best thing about marinade is that it season your meat with little work.
Very simple, just stir the ingredients together, soak the meat and let the marinade finish the rest of the work!I marinated the meat in the fridge all night.The longer it takes to marinate, the greater the taste, but you don't want to marinate for more than a day or so, because the marinating time is too long, the meat will start to become as tough as the dried meat and may eventually deteriorate.If for some reason we don't use marinated meat the next day, I will freeze it, marinade, etc.
That way, I unfreeze it when we prepare for the barbecue.Just before the barbecue, I put the beef nuggets on the bamboo skewers, but you can use them if you have metal skewers.We had a nice bunch of metal kebabs that we brought home from Turkey one year, but cleaning them up after the barbecue was an extra chore I could use.
When you use bamboo skewers, remember to soak in the water for about 10-15 minutes before putting the meat, when you put them on the grill, it prevents them from burning.Another useful suggestion during the barbecue is not to cook the meat too well.BBQ meat until it is cooked exactly the way you want it (rare, medium ).
In short, remove it from the grill before it becomes the required "doneness.Place the barbecue in a covered pan or baking tray and let the rest cover for 5 minutes before serving.This allows the meat to finish cooking and release the juice.
Try it out!You will end up with fresh, juicy meat!It also works for steak!That being said, this is my sauce marinade recipe!By the way, you can use the same marinade on chicken, lamb or shrimp.Do not mix meat and make a separate batch of marinade for each meat or seafood.3 Lbs.2 Tbs.1 Tbs.1 Tbs.1 Tsp.1 Tsp.Put balsamic vinegar, olive oil and seasonings in a huge self-sealing bag.
Combine all the ingredients together.
The sauce marinade adds meat to the marinade.Cover up all the meat.Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to marinate in the fridge for a night.About an hour or less before baking, place the meat, onions, peppers and mushrooms on the skewers.
Vegetables replace meat.
Grill with medium fire until the meat is cooked exactly the way you want it.Place the skewers in a large pan or a baking tray with a lid.Cover and place the meat for 5 minutes to finish cooking and release the juice.
Rice, potatoes and other foods are hot together
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