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the main dish restaurant food network the (with pictures) |

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
The best way to cook the world-Ingredients like Dover sole are made to keep the recipe simple, so fish is the main focus of the plate.Dover soles are on the bottom.Flat fish that swim horizontally, the body structure is different from most fish.Dover sole has become a specialty seafood item on the menu of gourmet restaurants around the world.Seafood connoisseurs appreciate the delicate taste and subtle flavor of this flat fish.
Buy full skinOn the sole fillet of Dover, or have your fishmonger remove two fillets from the entire flat fish.You can also make fish fillets for your flatfish at home.
Add flour, salt and pepper to the platter and mix thoroughly with clean fingers.
Peel off dark skin from the back of Dover's sole filet and quickly clear them in a flour dish and gently cover around.
Heat olive oil or clarify butter with medium heat in a heavy frying pan at the bottom until the smoke begins to rise from the surface.
Place Dover's only fillets in a hot frying pan at a time so there is about 2 inch space between them.
When the first face is golden brown, gently flip the fillet with a wide spatula.It takes only about 90 seconds for each side, so don't go too far.
Put the frying pan in the preheated 350-F. oven when the fillet is on the second side for about 90 seconds.
By inserting the probe thermometer into the thickest part of the pulp, check the internal temperature of the fillet after three minutes of baking.
Close the oven door and check in-Minutes apart until the internal temperature is between 158 and 160 degrees F.
Lift the cooked fillets from the pan with a wide spatula and move them to the drain rack to cool and drain for a minute.
Use a pair of clean needles to pull out any outstanding bones from the meat of Dover shoe negativesnose pliers.Cooking fish will shrink the meat to make it easier to see and remove the bones.
Move the cooked Dover sole to a warm plate, squeeze out a lemon wedge on it and release a few drops of juice.
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