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the infrawave - the latest appliance for the modern ... - can ceramic dinnerware go in the oven

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
the infrawave  - the latest appliance for the modern ...  -  can ceramic dinnerware go in the oven
The Infrawave oven is one of the latest appliances in a modern fully equipped kitchen.
It cooks food 50% faster than a traditional oven, without the loss of taste that sometimes results from microwaves.
There is a new kitchen equipment that is faster and easier to bake, grill and other cooking chores than ever before.
It is called the Infrawave oven, which uses infrared technology and is 50% faster than the cooking and baking of traditional ovens, toasters and even microwave ovens.
The oven uses a higher frequency infrared wave to cook food, which results in brown and crispy food, and the microwave sometimes produces a gentle version of the same dish.
Meat is cooked both internally and externally. Chef-
The quality is the description of the food by the person who tastes it.
The product is actually closer to a portable convection oven than a microwave oven.
The oven actually emits two different types of infrared rays.
The first is the shorter high frequency wave, which cooks the surface of the food and makes it brittle.
Another type is the long, low frequency waves of the inner part of the cooking food.
Then, the final result is to cook the perfect cooked meat, fish and poultry in almost half the time in the traditional oven.
Your family will enjoy faster, healthier food in less time than ever before.
Also do not need to thaw or warm up.
The Infrawave oven can also solve this problem. What a time-
Just for convenience.
In fact, many frozen foods are completely cooked in less than 20 minutes.
The equipment is not much larger than the toaster, small and compact, covering an area of only 15 inch wide and 14 inch deep.
Its capacity is 0.
7 cubic feet in 10-
5/16x11 inch x 6 inch high.
The oven also features a digital touchpad, a digital display, and a slide-out breadcrumbs tray.
Infrawave is particularly unique in its ability to "know" how to cook food based on the environment you choose.
The device comes with a touchpad for programming an oven for any type of food you have prepared.
You just have to type in the type of food you are going to cook (steak, chicken, lasagna, potatoes, etc ).
The Wave wave oven automatically sets the cooking temperature and time.
Depending on the type of dish you prepare, the oven can be set to remind you at different times during the cooking cycle.
For example, you can select "regular" and "crispy" and then the oven will remind you at the end of the cooking time of the regular cycle, then you will be reminded again when cooking that the time for the crispy cycle is over.
There are also many different preset options to choose from so that you don't get stuck looking for the perfect one.
You don't need special cooking utensils either;
Any type of cooker you use in a traditional oven is satisfactory, including a metal cooker, an ovenproof dish without a lid, or a ceramic cooker is acceptable.
You need to make sure that the cookware and food you cook is at least 1 inch away from the heating elements on it.
All in all, any modern well
The fully equipped kitchen will benefit from the addition of this equipment, which enables the production of chefs
Less time than ever for quality food.
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