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the history of 's origins - best deep dish restaurants in chicago

by:Two Eight     2019-09-15
the history of \'s origins  -  best deep dish restaurants in chicago
Pizza is an Italian pie baked in the oven.
It consists of Shell, tomato sauce, cheese and ingredients.
The word Pizza is believed to have originated in Italian, meaning "a point ".
"In the early days of the Italian Pie, flour was mixed with water and then cooked on hot stones.
The Persian Empire of the 6 th century BC;
The soldiers would bake flat bread with their shields and put cheese and dates on it.
In 3rd century BC, Marcus Posey Cato wrote some Roman history.
He wrote a description of a flat round dough baked on stone with olive oil, honey and spices.
Marcus Garius Apicius believes that cooking experts.
1 century,.
D. He wrote a Roman recipe called "De Re Coquinana.
The recipe includes a recipe for a loaf of bread, which is hollowed out and topped with chicken, garlic, pine kernel, pepper, cheese, mint and oil.
The recipe requires that the pizza be cooled in the snow before eating.
Tomatoes are brought to Europe from the new world now known as Peru.
Many people think that tomatoes are poisonous, but the poor have an idea to make a cheap meal with the dough topped with tomatoes.
This is the first sign of the Italian pie we know today.
They make pies with flour, oil, lard, cheese and herbs.
The Pies were later sold in a local pub, a place frequented by Spanish soldiers.
Some people in the impoverished parts of Naples will make a pie they call pizailioli.
People like these pies so much that they become very popular. 18th century -
In 1889, the king and queen of Italy summoned a popular chef, named Raffaele Esposito, to taste his acclaimed culinary work.
The chef made three different Italian dishes.
One he made was pork, cheese and basil.
He made another Italian pie with oil, garlic and tomatoes.
The third is made of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil.
The third is made of ingredients that represent the color of the Italian flag.
The Queen loved the third one so much that she wrote a letter to the chef to thank them.
Raffaele dedicated the Italian pie to the Queen's favorite, calling it Magherita, her name.
In 1905, the first pizza shop in New York City was opened by a man named Genarro Lombardi.
In 1943, Ike Seville launched a Chicago-style pizza.
The Chicago style is still very popular today, it is a deep plate style with ingredients.
On 1957, frozen Italian pies were sold in the freezer of the store.
Due to convenience, they became household names and quickly became the number one seller of frozen food.
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