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the dishes restaurant galway Coming Soon in Catalonia: The New elBulli

by:Two Eight     2019-08-21
the dishes restaurant galway Coming Soon in Catalonia: The New elBulli
From 1961 to 2011, elBulli is a highly regarded restaurant.
Under the guidance of world famous chef Ferran Adrian, this restaurant is famous for its molecular food and avant-gardegarde dining.
Now, the restaurant is closed and Elbury is being remodeled, but no one knows what it will look like.
Ferran Adrianxa0It is also one of the most respected and controversial senior chefs in the world.
When his Michelin 3-
Star restaurant in ElBulli (pronounced "el boo-.
Starting in 2002, list the 50 best restaurants in the world.
Despite the recent rise in elBulli's fame, it was founded decades ago in 1961 and was awarded the first Michelin star in 1976.
French chef Jean-
The chef is Louis Nickle.
Ferran Adrianxa0Did not join elBulli's staff until mid-term
There he began to develop his own unique style.
In the 1990 s, when he became the head chef and turned elBulli into an unconventional restaurant, it was called a two-star Michelin restaurant.
Adrian is best known for his travels in an area called molecular cuisine, which combines premium cuisine with chemistry and uses precise scientific methods to create a new dining experience
For example, elBulli offers menu items that violate intuition, such as delicious peanuts.
Inlaid with marshmallow squares, masurra milk balls with liquid center, seaweed tempura with saffron and monkfish liver. Such avant-
These are well-crafted avant-garde dishes that make the visual experience of the elBulli restaurant as charming as the taste.
Unfortunately, Adrianxa0\'S creatisimo surpassed elBulli's financial position at around 2000, and despite the short season and an average of $325 per meal, the restaurant started operating at a net loss.
To cover the operating costs of elBulli, adrili wrote a book and gave a speech, but the income from these activities, as well as the income from adrili cooking products, is not enough to keep the restaurant running.
Exotic ingredients on the menu, more than 40 chefs are required to prepare oneof-a-
It's not surprising that delicious dishes, maybe restaurants can't do that.
On July 2011, the elBulli restaurant was closed and it is planned to reopen.
Opened as a comprehensive restaurant and cooking school.
According to Adri Kumar, the new elBulli is more of a culinary concept experiment than a restaurant or even a school.
At the time of writing, little was known about the details of the new Elbury, but Adrian expressed the desire to bring individuals from multiple disciplines together, including building and philosophy questioning basic assumptions about food and dining, such as the needs of restaurants.
The new elBulli is scheduled to open in 2014, but no one knows exactly what will be open yet.
This project is described as "thinking-
Tank, \ "assuming it will serve Adrian no matter what happens there, it could be a famous idea and principle of safety about food.
On elBulli's website, there is a "elBulli food synthesis" of 23"point mini-
The declaration of food may have been written by Adrian himself, or at least by himself.
Some views describe the type of food served in the restaurant, for example, noting that red meat and poultry are rarely used, but others are more mysterious.
A classic example: "Technology --
Concept search is the apex of the creative pyramid.
"This is 11 points in synthesis, which means anyone's guess.
One thing is clear, though: we haven't heard of Ferran Adrian and the last of his revolutionary delicacies yet.
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