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the dish restaurant vancouver menu the cheddar's restaurant menu & nutrition guide | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
Cheddar's first restaurant opened in Arlington, Texas, in 1979.The restaurant serves a variety of food from scratch, as well as appetizers and desserts.The hotel is located in the Midwest and South, and each location provides guests with a casual dining experience.As of January 2011, no specific nutritional information was given on Cheddar's website;However, it says the information will be available soon.
There are a wide variety of appetizers in Cheddar, including French fries and homemade tortillas, spinach sauce, edamame and cheese fries.Spinach sauce is a mixture of Southwest spices, spinach, sour cream and four cheeses.For a healthier appetizer, try the Asian soy food edamame.With ginger soy sauce and Southwest-flavor spices.Cheese fries are not one of the healthiest options, consisting of a pile of chips and ranch dip full of cheese and bacon.
Some food choices that are not caloriesMonte Cristo sandwiches are friendly, chickenNew Orleans pasta, grilled chicken Alfredo, beer-Fried shrimp and a variety of hamburgers.Monte Cristo is a club sandwich made of white bread.Then stir-fry in powdered sugar.The pasta in New Orleans is a large pasta with sausage, shrimp and chicken.
Although the dessert is still a short distance from a healthy diet, there are some on the menu.Monster Cookies is a legendary dessert that consists of a huge homemade chocolate cookie with ice cream, nuts, whipped cream, hot fudge and cherries on it.Other desserts include handmadeDip in milkshakes, hot fudge sundae and apple pie with ice cream and hot caramel sauce.
The restaurant offers a wide range of foods with several healthy options on the menu.Healthy meals include grilled Atlantic salmon, grilled tilapia fish with mango jam, Key West chicken and shrimp, a variety of homemade soups, chicken roasted pear spring salad, Hawaiian chicken salad and lemon pepper chicken.All of these options are grilled fish and chicken instead of fried.Healthy side dishes include steamed vegetables, sweet carrots, green beans and coleslaw.If you would like to have a healthy meal while visiting the cheddar restaurant, choose grilled fish or chicken along with a healthy side dish.
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