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the dish restaurant studio city what are lox and bagels? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-31
For more than 400 years, bagels have been part of Jewish cuisine.In countries around the world, they are all made in traditional ways, and only minor changes are affected by the supply of raw materials.There are many places in the world that like bagels as much as New York City.
Bagels are doughnuts.Bread rolls in shape, made of water or eggsbased flour.Because it is boiled before baking, it has a unique texture.This process provides a unique chewy structure for the interior, as well as a thin and crispy shell.Bagels are usually dipped in poppies or sesame seeds to increase the structural size of the shell.
Smoked fish and pickled fish are a large part of traditional Jewish cuisine, as the Kashrut dietary laws limit the combination of certain meats and other ingredients.Lox is a dry-Grilled smoked salmon slices are usually cut thin and piled up into rolling folds.Liquid oxygen is sweeter than salty and has a specific soft and smooth texture.It is not desirable to have granular or rubber-like liquid oxygen as this indicates that the fish has been frozen at some point.Sharp ice crystals formed in the meat damage it when melted, changing the silky texture of the fish.
When placed on bagels, the traditional companion of liquid oxygen is whipped cream cheese, often referred to as "shmear" in Yiddish ".The word is similar to "spread" in English, such as "spread of cheese ".\ "It is both a noun of the dish and a verb describing its method of delivery.Cheese is sometimes added with extra flavors and seasonings such as leeks, peppers, lemon juice, or red onions.As an extra timeSaver, some delis, such as the "New York deli and coffee company" in Atlanta, chopped liquid oxygen and mixed it into cream cheese, creating a mixture of two textures.
Like the most popular traditional food, there are purists who insist on the same recipe.However, there are always people who want to try new things and create new flavors to experience.Some of the popular changes to bagels include the addition of herbs and seeds to replenish the flavor of liquid oxygen;Coriander seeds and dill are very popular.Since it is clean and pure taste, it has basically not changed.
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