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the dish restaurant polokwane How To Make Peking Duck At Home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the dish restaurant polokwane How To Make Peking Duck At Home
The Chinese people have perfected the technique of slow roast duck to become the staple food of Chinese cuisine.
Peking duck is a famous food project in China.
This duck dish has been made since the Yuan Dynasty and is now considered one of the National Foods in China.
From my experience, the best restaurants are usually found in better Chinese restaurants and will usually cost you a few dollars.
However, the cost is well worth it for the skin alone.
When you are addicted to this delicious taste, you will think of delicious and delicious food.
This dish is known for its thin and crispy skin, and the authentic dishes are mainly skin and small meat, sliced in front of the chef.
Ducks specially bred for this dish are slaughtered after 65 days and seasoned before baking in a closed or suspended oven.
Meat is usually served with pancakes, scallions, seafood sauce or sweet sauce.
The two most famous restaurants in Beijing are Quanjude and bieyan square.
Old institutions already household names in China.
Duck meat has been baked in China since the South and North dynasties.
Beijing roast duck was first prepared for the Chinese emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.
The dish was originally called "little Azizi", which was mentioned by imperial kitchen inspector Hu Sihui in the complete recipe manual for dishes and drinks in 1330.
In the Ming dynasty, Beijing roast duck was one of the main dishes on the court menu.
In the same period, the first restaurant specializing in Beijing roast duck, bieyang, was established in Beijing Qianmen xianyankou on 1416.
To Qianlong (1736-
1796) during the Qing Dynasty, the popularity of Peking duck spread to the upper floors, inspiring the poems of poets and scholars who enjoyed the dish.
For example, a verse from Duan Zhu's words, Beijing poetry collection, is "fill your plate with roast duck and suckling pig ".
Quanjude Restaurant was established in Beijing in 1864.
Yang Quanren, founder of Quanjude, developed the hanging oven into a roast duck.
Known for its innovative and efficient management, this restaurant introduces Peking Duck to all parts of the world.
By the middle of the 20 th century, Beijing roast duck has become a national symbol of China, favored by tourists and diplomats.
For example, on July 10, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met with Premier Zhou Enlai at the Great Hall of the people, his first visit to China.
After a round of fruitless talks in the morning, the delegation ate Peking duck, which became Kissinger's favorite.
The next day, the United States and China issued a joint statement inviting President Nixon to visit China in 1972.
Therefore, Beijing roast duck is considered to be one of the factors for reconciliation between the United States and China in the 1970 th generation.
After Zhou Xiaochuan's death in 1976, Kissinger visited Beijing again to taste Beijing roast duck.
In particular, Quanjude's Beijing roast duck is a favorite among political leaders from Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro to former German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl.
The Fat Duck was slaughtered with feathers, cut off the internal organs, and washed with water.
Air is pumped into the skin through the neck cavity to separate the skin from the fat.
The duck is then soaked in boiling water for a while and hung up to dry.
While hanging, the duck is glazed with a layer of malt syrup and the internal organs are rinsed again with water.
The duck is baked in the oven 24 hours after leaving the station until it turns shiny brown.
Traditionally, Beijing roast duck is baked either in a closed oven or in a suspended oven.
The enclosed oven is made of bricks with a metal grille inside.
The oven is preheated by burning high beam wood at the bottom.
Immediately after the fire burned, the duck was put into the oven and convection through the heat inside the oven, and the meat could be cooked slowly.
The hanging oven was developed in the imperial kitchen during the Qing Dynasty and was adopted by the Quanjude restaurant chain.
It is designed to bake up to 20 ducks at the same time with open fire lit with hardwood floors from peaches or pear trees.
The duck is hung on the hook on the fire and baked at a temperature of 270 °c (525 °c) 30-40 minutes.
When the duck cooks, the chef can use a pole to hang each duck closer to the fire every 30 seconds.
Heat vinegar, rice wine, honey and ginger in a big high temperature
Double sided casserole or Dutch oven.
Reduce the heat to low when the mixture is boiling, cook for 15 minutes and stir occasionally.
Clean ducks with excess fat at both ends of the body cavity.
Trim the skin flap off your neck.
Cut off the tip on the wings, and then stab the entire skin with a sharp fork or knife.
Mix corn starch with 1/4 glass of water.
Stir until any lump disappears.
Add the corn starch mixture to the pan and stir to prevent the lumps.
When the liquid in the pan thickens to the consistency of the light syrup, place the duck in the pan.
Apply the duck with liquid for a minute with a spoon or large spoon.
Turn the duck over and scoop the liquid for a minute.
Remove the pot from the fire and repeat the process of pulling the barrel on each side.
Remove the duck from the pan and place it on the biscuit rack on the baking tray.
Place the cardboard pan in a place where you can guide the fan on the duck.
Let the duck dry under the fan for at least three hours, up to eight hours, and turn occasionally to make sure the drying is even.
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
Wrap the wings with tin paper and place the duck on the chest
The sides are placed on the shelf in a baking tray lined with foil.
Roast duck for 15 minutes at 425 degrees F.
Turn the duck chest-
Bake for another 15 minutes.
Remove the pan from the oven and drain grease from the baking tray.
Turn the duck again and reduce the heat to 350 degrees F.
Bake for an hour, then remove the foil from the tip of the wing.
Raise the oven temperature to 375 degrees F and bake for another 15 minutes.
Remove the duck from the oven and cool for 7 minutes.
Mix seafood, sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and soy sauce.
Cut the duck into parts and mix it with pancakes, scallions and seafood sauce.
Then you sit down and share this with the people you love! Clean duck.
Dry the tie around your neck.
After 4 hours, hang the duck in a cool and windy place.
Fill the big pot with water. Bring to boil.
Add ginger, scallions, honey, vinegar and sherry. Bring to boil.
Pour the dissolved corn starch.
Stir constantly.
Place the duck in the big filter above the big bowl.
Scoop the mixture on the duck for about 10 minutes.
Hang the duck again for 6 hours in a cool and windy place until it is completely dry.
Put the duck chest side on the lubrication rack in the oven preheated to 350 degrees.
Put a pot full of 2 inch water at the bottom of the oven.
This is for dripping ).
Bake for 30 minutes
Roast duck and barbecue for 30 minutes.
Turn the breast side up again.
Bake for another 10 minutes.
Traditionally, cooked Beijing roast duck is carved in front of diners and served in three stages.
Dip the skin in sugar and garlic sauce first.
The meat is then eaten with steamed pancakes (Chinese: "pancakes", "è ");
Pinyin: h©Pancakes with lotus leaves, scallions and sweet sauce.
Several vegetable dishes are served to match the meat, usually cucumber and carrot sticks.
Diners sprinkle sauce and optional sugar on pancakes.
Pancakes are wrapped in vegetables and eaten by hand.
The rest of the fat, meat and bones can be made into broth.
Otherwise, customers will pack them home.
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