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the dish restaurant MasterChef Australia 2017: Diana Chan wins by one point in surprise nail-biter

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
the dish restaurant MasterChef Australia 2017: Diana Chan wins by one point in surprise nail-biter
Diana Chan has taken 2017 home to the Crown in the chef's surprise DingTalk-
The bite is done only a little. The Melbourne-
Cook completed the first two challenges with a relaxed lead, but in the final round, rival Ben Engerman managed to close the gap.
The father of the former model and three children was finally disappointed by his early plating skills and premature cuts in his fingers.
Chan's victory meant that she won the $250,000 prizemoney, a step closer to fulfilling her dream of opening a "fresh and casual" restaurant in downtown Melbourne.
She told the ferfax media that she never thought she would go so far in the race, let alone go home with the highest prize.
"It's something I 've always dreamed of, but never thought it would happen," she said . ".
Jackie Chan said her secret weapon was the ability to stay calm-even if the judge questioned her decision or something went wrong.
"I remind myself that there is no point in panic," she said . ".
I believe I handled the pressure very well.
When I am calm and confident, I will do my best.
However, the hopeful restaurant owner did reveal that the final challenge almost collapsed her.
During the tough six hours, Jackie Chan and Ungermann had to recreate the dessert of world chocolate champion Kirsten Tibballs.
This dish is a series of artificial fruits that ooze apple sauce and salty caramel after being cut.
Jackie Chan had trouble assembling complex elements, leaving only a few seconds to break her pear stem.
"Being that chef is the most stressful situation of my life," she said . ".
"At the end of the day, it was just all the water plants.
After seven months in front of the camera, Jackie Chan says she is now working to make sure that her dream of opening a restaurant becomes a reality.
Fans can look forward to buying a "healthy meal" that blends flavors quickly, she said ".
"Of course I hope to have the influence of Malaysia," she said . "
"But balance, health, delicious-that's my standard.
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