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the dish restaurant chelsea A Matter of Taste: Strange Foods From Around the World

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the dish restaurant chelsea A Matter of Taste: Strange Foods From Around the World
When it comes to cooking, this is a question of personal taste, what is a person's cooking paradise, and it may be a taste hell for another person.
This center focuses on foods that are widely considered "strange" or "strange" because they contain unusual ingredients, unorthodox cooking methods, cultural contrasts and alien eating customs.
There are even entries that are not usually considered edible (E. G. g.
Dirt, bark, placenta, etc. ) and some rather vague but controversial rituals that involve "devouring" intangible things such as sin and sunshine.
So, when you pass through this center, prepare your mouth to drink water occasionally, and your stomach is often rummaging to digest the large amount of unusual food that is detailed inside. Enjoy!
(Sorry for the length though. . .
With more information coming to my attention, I felt the need to constantly add to the center, though I must admit I was a little carried away ).
If it is good enough for our children and good enough for the rest of us, in February 2011 a cafe in London began serving ice cream made from breast milk.
The controversial ice cream also includes Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest with wafer and Calpol (a children's medical syrup brand) or Bonjela (an oral gel for the treatment of oral ulcer, ulcer and teething pain in infants ).
It was sold for a week before being detained by the western provincial council to ensure it is safe for human consumption.
After pop singer Lady Gaga filed a lawsuit against ice cream creator Matthew O'Connor.
What flavor is this?
Tasted it and found that Baby Gaga tastes similar to ordinary Vanilla Ice
Cream until the mouth-
The taste after the coating is like a thin, more goatish, dairy.
It is described as "Fanta" with light cream and only enough vanilla flavor.
In April 2015, ice cream maker Licktators re-launched the product and re-launched it
Refer to Princess Charlotte's birth and label it "real Baby Gaga.
For a while, they also provided recipes on their website.
Created by New York University student Miriam Simun, he has produced three flavors of breast milk cheese to date: West End smoke, Wisconsin Chew and Midtown funk.
Milk comes from independent women in three different diets, lifestyles and locations and can offer three distinct flavors.
West End smoke and Midtown chic are described as "cream and pure heaven", while the taste of Wisconsin chewing is said to reflect the taste of vegetables --
The filling diet of breast milk donors.
Breast milk consumption is not limited to the above cases. \';
Like Abby Black,
Announced the use of this natural ingredient to make "breast-cooked Nigeria Lawson" such as cupcakes and lasagna ".
These tenacious viruses are one of the most abundant microorganisms on Earth and are currently used as food additives in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many products across Europe and Asia.
Antibiotics are often used in meat, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables and ready-to-eat foods. to-
For those with weakened immune systems, this is a potentially lethal bacteria.
What flavor is this?
Bacteria have no taste and no negative health effects, so the presence of this virus on the steak should not pollute the taste of the steak and will not make you sick.
It's hard to find the "weird food" list and can't see the Balut listed in the top 3.
The reason why this Southeast Asian cuisine occupies a high position on so many lists is that Balut's appearance is a partially formed unborn chicken or duck embryo, still in the shell.
Balut's preparation is very much like a cooked egg, and when it is ready to eat, a hole will be created on one side of the egg shell, revealing a dead part of the developing bird, easy to identify body features such as eyes, feet, wings and veins, and sometimes mouth and feathers.
Balut is usually eaten first by sucking out liquid broth around the embryo, and then further peeling and eating egg yolks and chickens.
It is often eaten with various spices and condiments such as salt, lemon juice, vinegar and pepper.
Although chicken and duck eggs can be used, most railings
The eater believes that the age of the duck egg is not more than 17 years old.
As a superior day.
These fertilized eggs are popular snacks in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, and many people think it is a super
Food, spring medicine and energy agents containing vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A, B-
Carotene, vitamin b2, nicotine, and ascorbic acid.
Interestingly, some superstitious Filipinos do not eat balut because they are afraid that it will turn a person into a vampire --Meat-craving, fetus-.
This superstition may also promote common customs of adding salt and spices believed to be able to defend the railings against aswang's attack
From diners to creatures like this (although most people are more likely to add these condiments to add flavor ).
What flavor is this?
Despite the weird appearance of Balut, many people who have eaten it think it has a pleasant taste, similar to cooked eggs and chicken or duck broth (depending on the type of bird inside the shell ).
Depending on how much the bird's bones develop, it will also add a crisp texture.
A mob priest tore the still-beating heart from the sacrificed victim.
While thankfully the situation is fictional, it is possible to attract still-beating hearts from certain animals, which are often used as food for paying customers.
One example is a Getemono restaurant in Japan, where, after cooking explorer Andrew Zimmer ordered the frog to stab himself, he got a non-physical food and was still beating
However, the most famous place to eat beating animal hearts is probably Le Mat, a village near the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam.
Le Mat is commonly known as Snake Village because reptiles play an important role in the culture and traditions of the village.
On the day of the third lunar month, the village held a snake festival inspired by the legend of a local leipin villager who saved the daughter of King Ly Thai (1028-
1054) a giant snake from Dulong River.
Snake dishes are a feature of Le Mat, including a raw beating cobra heart in a cup of rice wine, and a chaser consisting of snake blood, bile and venom.
The heart is eaten for its so-called health benefits, including increased performance and sexual behavior in men.
What flavor is this?
Since the heart is usually swallowed up in the whole, not chewed, most people find that it doesn't have much flavor except a little salty, usually served by its taste, whether it's wine, gallbladder or blood.
Both compare the experience to eating a fun oyster and sports oyster.
Most of the food on this list is meant to bring happiness to people, allowing them to taste cultural food and stick to certain traditions while satisfying hunger and curiosity.
However, Bhut jolotta constantly brings one thing to people-pain.
Bhut jolotta, also known as "ghost pepper", was listed as the world's hottest pepper by Guinness World Records in 2007, reaching 1,041,427 Scoville heat units, compared, the strength of jal TiVo is only 2,500-8,000 units.
It includes chili base (key ingredient in pepper spray) and double hydrogen chili base.
The compounds are reported to be 338 times higher in Bhut jolotta than in jalapeno, and 18 times higher than in Scottish hats (Scoville rating for Scottish hats is up to 350,000 calorie units. asein -
Pro-fat (fat-
Love) is able to effectively "wash away" the substance of the pepper base molecule, similar to the way soap removes grease.
If the pepper comes into contact with a person's eyes or nose and is reported to cause damage to people's skin when dealing with Bhut jolotta without gloves, chili base and double hydrogen chili base
The determination of pepper growers to scorch their mouths in the scorching pain has led to the production of hotter peppers, including unlimited peppers; the Naga Viper;
Trinidad Scorpion butter T (especially its power is so great that many people wear protective body suits and chemical masks when cooking with it );
Whale scorpion Trinidad.
In 2010, in the war against terrorism, as a supplement to the national arsenal.
What flavor is this?
Woody and smoky flavors from the first 30 years-
45 seconds before it was completely overwhelmed by the high temperature of the pepper, this high temperature can last for 40 minutes.
Those who succumb to the wrath of the ghost pepper describe this experience as "pain", "hell" and "torture", sometimes leading to hiccups, shortness of breath, vomiting, and countless unpleasant
) And Curry, as well as being popular among countless food challenges and pranks.
When it comes to these additives, the whole world may agree with the phrase now popular by poet Thomas Gray that ignorance is happiness.
It's a bitter cream orange.
Brown substances from beavers in North America and Europe, located near the anus, are secreted by these animals to mark their territory.
There is also the aroma of artificial vanilla, raspberry and strawberry.
Foods that may contain castoreum include ice cream, flavored drinks and sweets, which are listed as natural spices in the ingredients. A similar
It's derived from civetone-
A sex hormone secreted from the vulva of a civet.
Its original scent was arrogant, original, mean and slight feces, but when diluted with alcohol or odorous solvents, its scent will become more pleasant to smoke and the sweet animal notes at the height of the "with" sublime tension. .
Both products are considered safe to consume, although their addition to food and beverages is not as common as other natural ingredients and is not as common as many think. \'.
Other animal secretions, known for their use in spices and cooking, include musk and mouth watering.
It is a very expensive aromatic secretion, this time harvested from the abdominal glands of male red deer, mainly located in India (due to excessive hunting of this fragrance, the deer is now largely endangered in Tibet, Siberia and Jiangsu province.
Like castoreum and civet absolute, Musk has historically been primarily associated with cosmetics and perfumes, although it is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, and it may also appear very low in food, add nuts, caramel and fruit
Types of flavors of beverages, gelatin, puddings, frozen dairy products, baked goods and sweets.
It is a gray, hard, wax-like bile.
The catheter is secreted, produced in the intestines of sperm whales after ingestion of sharp and undigestible substances (such as squid mouth.
When expelled from the body of the creature, it can be found that amberal is floating in the ocean, washed to the coast and the beach, or harvested directly from the harpooned and beached whales.
It is also known as "gray amber", and even "whale vomit", once a popular addition to medieval, baroque and renaissance sweets and cooking.
The Chinese incorporate the amberal fragrance into the tea (called the taste of Longkou water ");
The rich Egyptians melted the coffee.
The Persians add it to a mixture of lemon and fruit Dew with water.
Mouth watering is also very popular in Europe, and Hannah Grasse, a famous culinary writer (1708-
1770) and chef Robert May (about 1588-
1664) and Vincenzo Corrado (1736-
In fact, May describes dishes including Musk, amberal and civet ).
Women on the 18 th
Century explorer Giacomo Casanova apparently used the chocolate mouse for amberal as a spring medicine at the age of 19.
Century gourmet, let Anthelme Bria-.
Mouth-watering is also very rare and very valuable, and is almost reserved today for perfumes only.
Occasionally used in small quantities in Liqueur, tobacco, fruit flavors, beverages, sweets and ice cream as aromatic flavors.
Like Balut, this is another popular entry on the strange food list.
From Sardinia, which involves making a delicious cheese starter in the sun, it can attract the cooking time of 500 eggs that piophila casei can produce.
When mag worm larvae hatch from the shell, they digest the five-angle bacteria and release an enzyme that causes the fermentation process, causing the cheese fat to rot.
When casu marzu is ready to eat, the top of the cheese is cut off to reveal a soft sticky substance infected with maggot.
If the fly larvae die in cheese before eating, cazu marzu is toxic.
Some people remove live mag worms before they eat cheese, while others eat pec worms with twisted larvae.
Consumers should also be aware of the ability of mag worms to launch up to 6 inch in the air.
What flavor is this?
Casu Marzu creates a burning feeling in his mouth, which is said to taste similar to Gorgonzola.
Some Sardinia think it is a spring medicine and hallucinogenic agent, but Sardinia is also banned due to health problems, including allergic reactions, intestinal larvae infections, and burning of the esophagus and stomach.
It can still be bought on the black market at several times the price of ordinary pecorino.
Clearly, the EU has lifted the ban on the grounds that Casu marzu is a traditional food made using traditional methods. Maggot-
Stuffed cheese is not unique to Sardinia either.
In Nicaragua, there is a plate that also contains worms.
Delicious cheese. more-or-
From Nicaragua.
Knowing that the bartender spat in a glass, how many people drink beer?
There won't be a lot of people drinking unless they traditionally drink
Manufacturing chicha, in which case one would expect to add human saliva, as this alcoholic drink originating in the Andes has historically been fermented in human saliva.
There are many different types of chicha that use different core ingredients, including uca, corn, quinoa, Peanuts
Made from a corn called maiz jora, it is one of the most famous corn, and is considered to be the favorite corn of the Incas.
It is traditionally made of small balls by women in the family chewing corn and spitting it out, and then dried 6 days before cooking and fermentation in a pottery bucket.
During this period, ptyalin enzymes in saliva break down corn starch into fermented sugar.
The alcohol content of the final product is very low, usually at 1-3 percent.
Although the malt maze has replaced chewingand-
Some people still produce chicha in saliva in the traditional way, including beer brewed by the dog fish head Craft in New York.
What flavor is this?
The taste of Chicha depends on the ingredients used, which is different in Chinese and South American cultures.
Chicha de jora is said to taste similar to cider, which has a sweet taste when young and drunk, but over time it becomes more and more sour.
The flavor is described as something like "British barley water mixed with light pearner" or "wheat wine mixed with cider or milk ".
Chica de yuca, made of cassava, is also popular and is said to taste stronger but more mild.
Similar drinks have different names, including saliva from Peru. .
Follow a similar preparation method to cook, chew, re-process corn or cassava
Cook on open fire and then ferment in a pottery jar.
It is produced by the Shinto woman chewing cooked rice, then spitting, allowing enzymes in saliva and naturally produced bacteria and molds to convert it into alcoholic beverages.
Kuchikami (chewing in the mouth) how the sake was originally made.
These edible golden leaf capsules were launched in 2005 as part of a series of meaningless luxuries, and when eaten, the innermost part of a person became the wealth room, and defecation became 24 karat of gold.
What flavor is this?
It's a pleasure to see the gold tablets in your feces. \").
Gold, silver, and sometimes even real gems, pearls, and diamonds are iconic tasteless ingredients for some of the world's most excessive peoplethe-
Gold is edible and worth $25,000; to cost $3.
95 million since it includes 7-
Carat pink diamond ring
Durian is grown throughout Southeast Asia and is known for its unique and complex flavor, with fans calling it the king of fruit.
However, not everyone agrees with this view, because many people think durian is a painful fruit, not because its appearance is tricky, but because it has an unpleasant smell, this smell destroys the nostrils of many people and even causes some countries to ban the use of durian restaurants and trains in certain public places.
In Singapore, you can even see a sign of no smoking;
Do not eat or drink more than this; NO DURIANSâx80x9d.
It is said that the smell of durian is similar to that of rotten eggs, sewage, rotten onions, vomit and rotten meat.
Travel writer Richard Sterling described the smell as a pig --
Shit, Pine fat and onions, decorated with soap from the gym.
There's also some speculation about what happens when durian eats with alcohol.
Some stories claim it to be a deadly combination;
Others argue that it only causes a lot of sleep or indigestion;
While more interesting anecdotes detail the unfortunate fate of a German tourist, he allegedly exploded while taking a bath after eating durian and rice whiskey.
In addition to the rumors, there have been some deaths on record of durian falling from trees to people's heads.
Several 19th-century reports highlight the spiritual beliefs of Dayak people in Borneo, that is, those killed by fallen durian have their own special place in the afterlife.
For those who survived the encounter with durian, the fruit actually provided them with a good source of dietary fiber, protein and carbohydrates, it also provides a series of B vitamins, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc including vitamin C.
What flavor is this?
Durian fans say the fruit tastes like heaven and smells like hell.
Naturalist Arthur Wallace described durian as comparable to almond-flavored frozen cream, cream cheese, sherry and onions.
Start with the taste of fried onions, not chocolate, not chocolate
Covered onions and then icecream.
Food adventurer Andrew Zimmerman, after spitting out the fruit during the tasting, calls the taste of durian "rotten, mushy onion ".
Food poisoning.
\ ', A fish sauce, often crushed at the foot, fermented for several years.
It is sometimes called "Cambodian cheese ".
Especially fish using skate, a fish that urinate through the skin and carries a strong ammonia after fermentation
The smell, often described as a taste similar to that of a public toilet.
\ ', Made of pickled and fermented fresh water fishg.
Trout), which is usually soaked in salt water for a few months, but may be up to a year, and then a glass of aquavit is a strong flavor spirit.
\ 'Deb fish, dry in the sun after soaking for 24 hours. urströmming -
Fermented Baltic herbs.
As its smell is described as a mushroom cloud of rotten eggs and rotten fish in a rusted solvent, the cans of sursteming are usually opened outdoors.
It is said to taste a little more tolerant than its smell and taste like salted fish and sour fish.
Build up the gas after loading the tank to inflate the tank and possibly explode.
(Or stinky tofu), which is fermented in salt water, consists of a variety of ingredients, depending on the supplier, although salt, meat, shrimp, vegetables and milk are usually included in salt recipes. .
Stinky tofu can be stewed or roasted or deep.
Fried, the taste depends on the cooking method and the salt water composition.
When fried correctly, it is said that the taste is mild with crispy golden color
The appearance is brown and the inside is almost creamy.
Ice cream with fish and chips (and far awayout ice-
Inspired by Heston Blumenthal's popular bacon and egg icefish-and-.
It is said that it has little --to-
No suspicious taste, subtle taste of salt and slight taste of potatoes.
Compare the taste of this ice cream to eating "bread crumbs burned in the refrigerator, maybe bread crumbs on frozen fish sticks ".
In a game that seems to be between ice
Go outside and make cream.
There are dozens of strange kinds of ice in creating really strange flavors
Cream combination sold worldwide.
For example, basashi aisu made of horse meat; charcoal; cicada; beef tongue; viper; squid-ink; foie gras; wine; garlic; prosciutto;
Pasta and cheeseoyster; beer;
And the smoked cherry marrow.
Also known as Eskimo ice cream, it is a cultural delicacy in the Yarik K community of Alaska, and has gained some notoriety in other parts of the world thanks to its unusual mix of ingredients.
These usually include whipped animal fat and grease with berries (seals, reindeer, moose, whales, or sea elephants, etc. ), and sometimes fish.
For some ice cream makers, there are obviously very few areas out of range, such as rewards. \' -
Champagne and 25 mg Viagra ice cream were added.
This is no longer the first one-time booster to appear with a beloved dessert, with Licktators and Mrs preox stirring Ecuador chocolate ice cream in early 2015, an obvious pleasure booster made of French sea pine bark.
The word "junk food" is a fairly broad classification of all unhealthy consumables that nutritionists warn us not to indulge in, such as over-fat or sugary items. .
This anti-follower
) Volunteer to feed directly from someone else's trash can and enjoy all the leftovers found inside.
People are looking for anything they can eat in the trash, which is also a common practice for disadvantaged, desperate and homeless people looking for food.
It may sound strange to make a person's garbage, another person's dinner, but liberalism has its merits.
At present, it is estimated that there are at least 1 out of 3, or 1.
Of all the food products produced annually worldwide, 3 billion tons are wasted or eventually buried.
Freegans are able to maintain nutrition while reducing waste.
What flavor is this?
There is nothing to say through Freeganism, because it really depends on the items recovered from the garbage and their freshness.
These usually include unopened food and beverages, which are still in the packaging, but have been thrown away by the store due to product damage or close to the date of use. roadkill -
That is to say, animals unknowingly stroll on busy streets or highways, but are hit by a car, abandoned on the side of the road, dead and rotten.
After being found, animals
It can be almost anything, including deer, rabbit, kangaroo, badger, possum, cat, dog, moose, Fox, mouse, owl, pheasant or bear --
Probably dead or seriously injured.
If it is the latter, the person will be given the task of managing the coup and release the animal if it has any pain at hand.
Like liberalism, road-eating kills are widely regarded as a social taboo, although they are still free and unregulated in many countries, and some are ethical because it is eaten by eating someg. in the U.
More than a million deer are killed by motorists each year, which could be equivalent to about 20 million pounds of deer meat ). than store-
I bought meat, no antibiotics and hormones, used today in factory farming, and also avoided charges of animal abuse.
Even some celebrity chefs support this practice, such as the sale of the road-killing Fergus delennan to customers and restaurants in the market.
The downside, however, is that road kills can infect diseases, get maggots and insects, or possibly persistent organ ruptures, so it's important to know what to pay attention.
There are plenty of food that can be deadly, including bullfrogs and cassava in Namibia, but the most notorious one is the porpoise or the porpoise sashimi.
Fugu contains tetrodotoxin in its liver, intestines, ovaries, eyes and skin, a fatal neurotoxin in a dose small to needles or sand.
According to the custom, if the fugu chef fails to remove the toxic part of the fish, this will result in the death of the customer, who is bound by honor and tradition to commit suicide in a dissolved manner.
Although many people died in the valley, the death rate was lower compared to the number of people eating the valley.
What flavor is this?
The meat itself is very light, and many people compare it to chicken, but it has a good texture and it is exciting to eat a potentially deadly dish, so it is most popular.
When sampling in sub
The lethal amount of tetrodotoxin can cause numbness, tingling, floating and even excitement.
Or "zombie powder", a white powder used by Pastor Bokor Vodou to make "zombie slaves", prescribe the medicine to the victims and place them in a state of paralysis similar to death.
After they were declared dead, the priests restored their victims just to enslave them.
A few years ago, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu nationalist paramilitary group in India, wanted to fight Coca-Cola and Pepsi by rolling out their own "healthier alternatives" soda
The efforts made by the RSS Cow protection department to eliminate the foreign influence in India led them to create Gau Jal in 2009. .
Preferably before dawn.
Said Gau Jal is not-
Toxins-free carbonated drinks are cheaper than foreign soft drinks. the taste is good and there is no urine.
(And many others) are made from distilled or purified bovine urine and are promoted as answers to dozens of different health questions that can reduce high cholesterol and treat respiratory diseases or diabetes, treat snake bites and obesity.
Some people further believe in the healing power of cattle by mixing their urine with animal feces, ghee, milk and condensed milk --\'.
It is claimed that cow urine may reduce blood sugar levels and prevent kidney stones.
Some people think that urine is very beneficial to good health, recovery and beauty, not harmful waste.
Some supporters see urine as a panacea that can cure almost any pain, disease, and disease, plus free and unlimited amounts of tap water.
Former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai, who died at the age of 99, is a major supporter of urine therapy (including consumption and application of urine) and admitted that he drank his own personal produce every day. Doctor John W.
Armstrong claims that through urine therapy, he has successfully cured 40,000 people, including cancer and tuberculosis.
In particular, the Shivambu Vidhi robbery, part of the ancient Vedic text, known as "damar Tantra", indicates that urine therapy "can destroy aging and disease", after 12 years of treatment, one can free himself from the cycle of life and death and give them a sacred vision;
Free from all diseases;
Extraordinary power;
The ability to fly in the air and float on the surface of the water;
Immunity to fire and poison
Strict Shivambu followers minimize the intake of salt, sugar, caffeine, protein, tobacco and alcohol and reap from it
Only when facing the east will flow urine, sip like tea
Containers made of bronze, clay, gold, silver, glass, brass, zinc or iron 4 times a day.
What flavor is this? Er. . . um. . .
It all depends.
Describe cow urine as a little sweet obviously tasted (also found bitter and irritating horse urine and salty elephant urine );
A common description of human urine is that it tends to taste salty and bitter, especially during the first evacuation in the morning.
However, according to urine therapy practitioners, its taste will also change with the diet of those who supply it.
Therefore, in order to taste urine better, in avoiding certain foods that are known to have a negative impact on their flavor (asparagus, coffee and salty, the sour and bitter food is clearly an example of the latter.
A member of Ferdinand Magellan's crew 1519 described human urine as a taste of "not annoying", "no worse than any of the worst whip flags in the rotten port"
Before blood tests and urine samples, some doctors taste the patient's urine as part of treatment and diagnosis.
Like "very sweet, as if full of honey or sugar.
Some hardcore enthusiasts even claim it tastes better than coffee, wine and beer. beer and ale -
This is to strengthen the taste by adding urine.
A restaurant specializing in the cooking of various animal genitals, including dogs, bulls, horses, cattle, snakes and goats.
Although many diners will feel disgusted by being served with the penis and testicles. . . say, a tiger. . .
Animal genitals are widely eaten around the world, including parts of the United States, Europe and Asia.
Historically, people eat animal genitals because of male hormones.
Sex hormones secreted by testicles-
This is considered a spring medicine that can enhance the sexual capacity of any man. .
It is also widely believed that digesting the genitals of animals has additional benefits for women's health, including better skin.
You can stew, Fry or bake the penis and testicles of an animal. Three-
\ 'Made of the genitals of seals, dogs and deer; Five-
It includes the sexual organs of snakes, cattle, sheep, deer and dogs.
A very popular genitals. . These deep-
Fried and crumpled bull testicles are so popular that they have inspired some of the annual festivals and competitions in the United States, such as "grumpy food" and "Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry ".
Their popularity also led to the launch of "Rocky" Mountain Oyster black beer "by the Company Limited, initially as a stupid joke for the 12 th year of April 20, but later that year, craft beer seasoned with beef testicles for sale.
What flavor is this?
Animal genitals are generally considered chewy, soft in texture, and have a similar taste to other organs such as the liver.
More specifically, the reporter Richard Spencer described the dog's penis as having a taste of bimarriage;
Deer like "super-cooked squid tentacles;
The horse is light and fat.
The penis of the deer is chewy and tastes "neutral", similar to cartilage;
The private part of the yak is "melted in the texture of the mouth", which is rich in taste.
Compare fried bull testicles to "liver"
Chewy squid.
As for the bull testicles-
Seasoned stout, which was sold in 2012, reporter Jim Galligan claimed it was "very dry, allowing delicious elements to flourish without having to compete with the sweetness of malt wine ".
Another taste tester found that the infamous "penis wine" "is like a wine port that has become very, very bad, hanging out with some sherry and prunes ". âx80x93 soil.
In the restaurant in Tokyo, he offered a 6-
A set of soil
Including soup, rice, mint tea, sorbet and Earth-
He called it a potato ball in the center of the truffle.
In the animal kingdom, deliberate consumption of the Earth is well known, but in human history, people have been eating dirt.
The earliest possible evidence of this practice is the prehistoric relics of Homo sapiens ancestors found in the Kalambo River in Zambia --
Tanzania borders on the clay block.
Today, people all over the world eat 50 grams of soil and clay every day.
Some pregnant women choose to eat kaolina mud to relieve nausea or reduce hunger without morning sickness.
Kaopectate was also a component of Kaopectate, a drug for mild diarrhea.
Known as made of water, salt, sugar, vegetable oil and clay
Based on mud, although the nutritional value is small, it is mainly used to fill an empty stomach.
Main causes related to fertility
There are many other reasons why people eat dirt.
Some researchers believe that the desire for dirt may be caused by a lack of iron, zinc or calcium, while others believe that dirt can protect the stomach from parasites, pathogens and toxins
Gandhi himself believes that clay can detoxify the body and help prevent constipation.
Another popular theory is that diners may have something to do with eating disorders where people are eager not to eat. food items.
What flavor is this?
It is not surprising that it is said that there is a "clay", "Clay" and "Clay" in the clay"cigarettes.
People known as "white dirt" describe its taste as "similar to the fresh smell that smells when the ground is really dry" and a little bit of rain.
Although the name of head cheese is a bit offensive, it does not have anything to do with making cheese or any other dairy products using head.
Instead, it is a cold cut meat that cooks the head of a pig or cow in a pot of water until its meat melts from the bone.
During this process, the cooking juice is filled with collagen and covered with the head meat freeze, which is molded and refrigerated until solidified.
What flavor is this?
Many countries around the world eat head cheese, but its production varies depending on location and preference.
Some people season with spices, spices and vegetables;
The foot, heart, or tongue of an animal.
In addition to the preparation without appetizing, it is said that the head cheese is soft, damp, delicious and has a gel-like texture.
The cooked head of a pig, cow, or sheep in the broth (sometimes with its brain, eyeballs, and tongue) is also incorporated into the cultural dishes of many Middle Eastern, African and European countries, it includes Iceland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan.
No matter how healthy most fast food chains claim to be, there will always be some cheating.
Not only is it blatantly honest about how unhealthy its food is, it's actually promoting it, disgusting greasy junk food that can lead to heart attacks and deaths (food in restaurants is considered an example of both ). 1.
444 kg (nutritionists generally recommend 2,000 per day-3,000 calories ).
4 1/2 pound burgers, 3 tablespoons lard, 20 slices of bacon, 20 slices of caramel onion baked with lard, 8 slices of tomato, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon of mustard and mayonnaise. .
Eating can also be equipped with side \ 'Flatliner fries 'This Is Lard of cooked pure pigs (600-
700 calories) with butter
Fat shake (estimated at about 1600 ~
3000 calories a cup ).
It is worth noting that those who have not finished their meal at one time will be spanked in public by the waitress.
Although the heart Grill was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for deliberately providing the world's most unhealthy food, other American restaurants are notorious for selling larger commercial burgers.
Their burger weighs 352. .
Juicy 1,375,000 calorie Monster contains 400-
Meat 600 pounds, cheese 50 pounds, onion 20 pounds, lettuce 30 pounds, kimchi 13 pounds, mustard 10 pounds, tomato sauce 10 pounds.
It can order $5,000 (£ 181) for 48-
Hour notice of preparation time. 57 kg (125. for $1000.
Edible Apple
A seasoned balloon made of plastic toffee and filled with helium to float it on the customer's head.
Dessert is available at three stores in Chicago
Michelin-starred restaurant arlinia.
In order to eat the balloon, the creator suggested biting the toffee first (luckily it didn't burst) and then sucking out all the helium in it, and of course, it deflates the balloon, it makes a person's voice very harsh and high.
At the 2011 Green Man bar in Wellington, New Zealand made headlines by offering photos of apples
Season horse semen as part of the National Wild Food Festival.
This mixture, known as "hoihoi Tatea", is most popular among women and drunk at a cocktail.
Jason Varley, this drink is about the same as cream.
After a drink, you will have as many zizz as a stallion in a week.
\ "The roar of the Bucks \" â x93 mix kiwifruit and lactic acid with a syringe and a sperm health month mixed with about 4,000-
The old bucks are called hanniba. The pub\'s co-
Said that hanniba often eats a lot of green vegetables, exercises regularly, and seems to be proud of his work
Grade semen of export quality.
The function manager of the Green Man, this drink has a sweet taste.
Some have pushed the idea of semen as a ingredient to new heights, such as Paul fortanhaur, who advocates the use of human semen in food and cocktails.
Semen is not only nutritious, but also has a delicious texture and wonderful cooking properties, says Photonhauer, and although it is cheap and usually available, it is still overlooked as food.
Hungry for human flesh, but don't want to deal with all the legal fees and disputes after your meal?
Don't worry, because in 2005, Mark nukohl, a student at the business school, tried to use No.
Suspect a delicious alternative known as "Hufu"or human-
The flavor tofu is designed to simulate the texture and taste of human meat, satisfying the taste of even the most demanding diners.
Eat a sandwich.
It was originally designed for anthropology students eager to eat human experiences, but was blocked by legal and logistical barriers, but Nuckols later realized that vegetarians have a bigger market, vegetarians, of course, there are diners who want to enjoy legal and healthy human flesh substitutes.
Including the "Aztec stew", inspired by the ritual of human sacrifice, slaves and prisoners were eaten by stewed dishes flavored with pepper, tomato and pumpkin flowers;
"Serano Nanito", filled with yam, rice and artificial meat;
There is also the favorite liver and fav beans of hanniba leckett, as well as the delicious Chianti.
Ironically, the site also offers a dvd of "soylent Green.
Claiming his product was fake.
What flavor is this?
If it's mass-produced in the first place, then Hufu is no longer on the market, so it's hard to know what it might taste like.
One taste test, which did not interest participants, found Hufu "a bit salty and chewy" and the other described it as "the intersection of chicken and turkey," the report said ", A few more people doubt the authenticity of the taste.
Nuckols admits that he has never tasted human flesh himself, but he has done enough research on history and anthropology to create a fairly good approximation.
Contrary to the common misconception that humans taste like chicken or pork, Nuckols says we actually have a taste closer to beef, except that the taste is slightly sweeter and the texture is slightly Microsoft.
Before closing his company in 2006, Nuckols apparently also planned to expand his product range with three exciting flavors: "delicious little seals ";
"Endangered pandas" and "poor children ".
From the dawn of mankind, this practice may already exist.
The earliest possible evidence of humans feeding each other was found in the grandolina cave in the atapurka mountains in northern Spain in 1994.
One of the earliest human species found in Europe), with physical signs of being cut, chopped, peeled and peeled
Meat in a similar way to the animal remains found nearby.
This is widely interpreted as the first example of "nutrition" or "cultural eater" between humans.
While it is almost universally considered illegal and immoral today, historically, different cultures have different perceptions of diners, and some societies have seen it as a barbaric and hateful act, while others believe it is
For centuries, civilians and royalty have been widely practiced, reaching European heights in the 16 th and 17 th centuries.
When another option starved to death, some people were also involved in the behavior of eating people;
Although in some cases the individual has come to the self
If a person is forced or voluntary to eat part of his body, sometimes as a mental illness, the body --
Or extreme torture.
It is reported that they eat those who have been convicted of witch crimes;
A religious sect in India, considered a post-
Anatomy rituals, such as consuming corpses, apply their bodies with the ashes of cremated human remains as part of their worship of the Hindu god Shiva.
Too many doubts and conflicting reports exist, but are they Modern?
Korowai and Aghori are still consuming human flesh today.
The cannibal has no real consensus on what tastes most like human meat, although many have compared it to pork and veal.
Should you eat a plant if it is infected with the disease?
The obvious answer is "no", but in the case of Huitong, many people will answer the clear "yes ".
Huitlacoche, also known in most countries as "corn black powder disease", is a kind of root-like fungus. Meredith.
This plant disease is most common in warm and moderately dry areas, where it effectively deforms and destroys corn by expanding infected corn grains into black worms or tumors
Sometimes worms split and release spores, spread infections, and grow additional fungi on corn crops.
The word "Huitlacoche" is the Nahuatl term that Aztecs like to eat.
Although the term has been translated with various meanings, the most popular translation of "huitlacoche" is "Crow shit", which in some way describes the ugliness of the infected crop
Although many countries have introduced ways to try to eliminate corn black powder disease from crops, in Mexico, whitecoche is a very popular delicacy with diseases on corn
Zerg on a corn spike can weigh a pound, usually included in sauces, soups, and other dishes.
What flavor is this? , earthy-
Sweet and woody taste. including beta-
Glucose that can reduce cholesterol and amino acids that can help strengthen muscles and keep the skin clean-amino acids.
It is known to infect rice White eaten in China and Japan.
Unlike most other listings in this center, human bacterial cheese is likely to never be consumed by the public. . .
From the human underarm, navel, toe and mouth.
In Dublin in 2013.
What flavor is this? According to co-.
Although the main purpose of the product is to arouse people's thinking about the connection between human beings and the microbial world, not diet.
There are at least 2 billion people who provide high-nutrient sources of fat, protein, vitamins and fiber.
A bowl
For some, ping (fried tarantula), escamoles (ant larvae) and the mopane worms may be disturbing, and their popularity is often related to certain cultures and regions.
However, it is becoming more and more popular around the world (although it is more popular in the United States)
S) is the idea of burying insects in chocolate and sucrose, or spraying insects in artificial spices to create some of the most terrible sweets, snacks and junk food: chocolate-
Wasp biscuits, scorpion sucker, Tequila
There are also crickets seasoned with bacon cheese and salt vinegar, for example.
What flavor is this?
Although insect candy is very popular and in great demand, it is not optimistic about their taste.
Reach the center of the banana-
The magazine found that the spider inside had a "clearly pungent nut smell" that tasted a bit pungent, just like eating nuts when it went bad, with just a little sesame oil \". The A.
Describe them as "dusty, gray, disappointing boredom ".
Discovery of chocolate
Covered cricket features overbearing "musty, dusty" and dry, tasteless and unpleasant legs, wings, and belly shells.
Horrible chocolate
The covered scorpion has a crisp and wafer-like texture and a pleasant nut flavor similar to the walnut. .
Cricket is said to be similar to tofu, which tastes like shrimp and lobster.
Bee larvae are said to taste like bacon;
Wasp larvae like blackberries
It's similar to fried eggs.
Tarantula is a hybrid of chicken and cod.
The beetle is the most common insect (31% of global insect consumption) and is said to taste Apple.
Does the twitching beef grown in a petri dish and soaked in a nutrient bath sound appetizing? Yes? No?
Regardless of personal preference, the meat grown in the laboratory, also known as vitro or cultured, is today's reality, and scientists grow meat by extracting muscle cells, the predecessor of muscle cells, no harm from living animals
Cells soaked in nutrients breed
A rich medium consisting of sugar, amino acids, lipids and minerals.
By placing the cell on a biodegradable scaffold system, place it on the bio-
Make the meat into a reactor and exercise its muscles.
The meat cultivated in the laboratory was originally conceived by the work of biologist Alexis Carrel, who kept a piece of chicken muscle in the nutrient bath for 20 years.
In 2002, NASA showed interest in the science and funded experiments that led to the breeding of fish in the laboratory.
In recent years, the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands has been able to produce only thin and transparent strips of meat until August 2013, where they presented the first laboratoryBurger.
What flavor is this? The lab-
Grown burger is the first farmed meat to officially test the taste. .
There are many supporters of in vitro meat because it has the potential to reduce food riskInfectious diseases;
Reduce the ecological footprint of animal husbandry because it requires less land use, energy and water;
To end factory farming, a system that is often accused of animal abuse.
Do you support the lab idea?
The meat grown or felt a little creepy, it won't go on sale soon, and the cost of producing a burger is $330,000 or $.
When I was a child, I occasionally heard people compare bad situations to frogs in a blender.
Well, the juice supplier in Peru challenges this old saying, sourcing frogs from Lake Titicaca, mixing them in a blender with aloe vera, honey, maca (a vegetable native to the Andes), malt, coca (a plant used to make cocaine, until 1929, Coca
Coke) and various other ingredients. .
(Frog extract) is effective for anemia, pneumonia, fatigue, stress, irritability, asthma, bronchitis, common colds and even sexual inhibition, leading some to call it "Viagra Peru ".
What flavor is this?
So, what is the taste of the mixed frog meat smoothie?
The texture, he says, is sultry, the taste is earthy and a bit malt, dominated mainly by macagan.
After that, he noticed an increase in energy, similar to the feeling after drinking too much coffee.
This is an Icelandic cuisine, made from the rot of Greenland or shark fish, dating back to the Viking era, notorious for some of the most delicious food of all time. known current-
Adventurers and food explorers.
The Greenland shark is not edible unless prepared correctly, as its meat contains a large amount of natural toxins such as urea and trimethamine oxide.
After cutting the shark into pieces, the meat is traditionally buried in pits under the weight of rocks and sand that squeeze toxins out of the shark's meat.
The body is left in the pit for up to 7 weeks in the summer, or left in the pit for about 3 months in the winter.
After it is dug up, it will be ventilated in a well ventilated shed for about 2 months.
A more modern approach involves pressing the meat to the ground and discharging the toxins from it.
Had a meal in central Iceland
What flavor is this?
\'S flavor is generally considered a taste of getting and getting a mixed reaction.
Food adventurer Anthony Burden says it's the worst food he's ever tasted.
The taste of ammonia and fish is very strong. some people compare the experience of eating it to mature cheese.
Urine is stagnant due to sharks urinating on the skin.
A dish in Alaska, for example, with squid heads buried underground (some claims include wrapping fish with skunk cabbage before burial ).
If buried near the surface of the soil (about 1 feet m or less), it usually takes about two weeks for the fish to be ready for consumption.
However, deep digging can cause the fish to stay for several years.
It is a traditional winter cuisine that is enjoyed by Inuit people in Greenland.
Its preparations include stuffing 300 â x80 x93 500 tits (Arctic birds) into sealed leather bags or hollowing out
Until the fat of the seal penetrates onto the bird meat and breaks down highly. , like Stilton.
Soft-fermented poultry meat is sucked from the bones of the tits, and everything, including its brain and other organs, is consumed.
This includes cutting and burying the walrus for up to a year.
Taste, smell and consistency.
When it comes to this kind of wine, there are obvious differences in opinions.
A healthy drink that can enhance the immune system, enhance liver function, treat cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, gout, multiple hardening, high blood pressure, in addition to reversing the aging process and anything else, the same is true of AIDS.
Although the world is currently drinking black tea, black tea has been consumed in China since the Qin Dynasty (221-
206 BC) there, it is considered a panacea for immortality.
Scientific data and clinical trials, however, do not support these so-called health benefits, with critics pointing out a host of potential health risks associated with beverages.
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