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the dish restaurant address Unique Foods From the Philippines

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the dish restaurant address Unique Foods From the Philippines
Every country in the world has something unique to offer to foreign tourists.
Food is one of the unique things.
It brings together unique food from the Philippines.
I wouldn't call the food "exotic" (a website I just read defines exotic as "disgusting" so I didn't use the word ).
I think they are unique because I believe they are not common in other countries.
Are they exotic?
You're the judge.
There are celebrations in my country. etc. , etc.
Sacred roast pig.
You will want to have a bite when the weather is still hot. supply of pig. occasion.
Pay attention to stress or high cholesterol, though.
Not good for your health (not good for everyone, haha ). moderation. http://en. wikipedia.
As a Filipino delicious stew, stew blood and meat with a rich spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili and vinegar.
The word "Dinuguan" comes from the word "dugo", meaning blood, especially the blood of pigs.
It can be served with white rice or rice cakes (called "Putro ").
Variations of this dish include adding coconut milk or adding less blood (sometimes called "tinumis", which is actually my favorite) or more peppers or less
Dinuguan uses pork, but it is also possible to use pork sausage and liver at times.
Just make sure you brush your teeth after eating dinuguan, and the black sauce may be stuck between your teeth. Filipino -
Overall, adobo is not uncommon in the Philippines.
It can be found in Latin American countries, even Spain. Filipino-
Adobo has a different style because it existed even before the Spanish people colonised my country in 1521.
The Spaniards saw our ancestors stewing chicken or pork with vinegar, so they called it adobo (Spanish marinade or seasoning ).
There are two main ingredients for Adobo, one is chicken (see photo) and the other is pork.
Or you can combine the two, which we sometimes call CPA. pork adobo).
Almost all Filipinos know how to cook adobo.
If you have a Filipino friend, ask him or her about the dish.
It is likely that he or she knows not only it, but also how to cook it.
My favorite one, this one is available in almost every restaurant in Mindanao (especially in General Santos City, south of Mindanao ).
This is raw fish (tuna) "cooked" with vinegar ).
If the fish is still red, you will know if it is new "cooked ".
Just like Japanese sashimi, only vinegar will eventually "cook" the fish.
A green lemon, coconut milk
Like fruit, not sure its English name), which gives it a rare sour taste and onion.
You can also add roast pork and make it a Sinuglaw-
Roast pork (roast pork) and kinilaw.
We know how to use everything for food.
You insist, I can always get one from the Internet. adobo-
Or baked. tasty. Bihod.
Causing serious damage to your blood pressure.
This is a very delicious dish.
Made with tomato sauce, vinegar and pepper.
Potatoes and carrots can also be added to make the dish more nutritious.
The meat of the goat is soft and chewy.
This is just one of our ways to cook mountain lamb.
In the province of Ilocos in the north of the Philippines, they can cook mountain lamb (roasted, fried, soups, etc. ) in various ways ). , etc. ).
But of all these, Cadran cabin is still the most popular.
This is best served with soy sauce and calamans juice.
It's easy to prepare.
After doing it, it was delicious.
You have to make sure you turn the food around.
The bottom of the chin (hidden behind the college) is the most delicious part of this food. .
This viand can compete with the best spicy food in other countries.
The hotter it is, the more delicious it tastes.
This is made with pork strips and siling labuyo, cooked with coconut milk.
I have tried "original" bicol express and I can feel my whole mouth burning.
My friend is from Bicol, who doesn't even have his eyelids while eating.
He said it was not hot enough!
Hot or not, this is a very tasty dish and smells good.
It becomes more exotic here.
Remove the skin before cooking. More about this one
This one has been labeled "notorious" on another site, and based on the feedback I have heard, it is indeed notorious.
Incubation ("cooked") for 16 to 18 days before the sale of these products.
Real Chick, just close your eyes and eat ).
Add vinegar before eating.
Balot is the best in the heat.
Drink before you eat balot.
Then eat penoy, also duck egg, but no chicken.
Eat a better, more adventurous, don't you think? .
They have a lot.
There is bibingka (local rice cake baked with charcoal with cheese on it), bico (glutinous rice baked with coconut milk), halo-
Halo (fruit cocktails for ice and milk, sometimes served in coconut shells) and Putro (rice cakes usually served with dinuguan ).
There's a lot more (maybe I'll create another hub for this one ).
You can eat these desserts separately (not good for people with high blood pressure and diabetes) or you can eat one after a full meal.
In any case, the Filipino Kaka is a pleasure for any food lover.
So you have it.
We are very proud of the Filipino food.
These are the foods that our fellow citizens miss so much while working in other countries.
If you come to my country, be sure to try the food. Happy eating!
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