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the dish restaurant address 10 Great Theme Restaurants of Mumbai

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the dish restaurant address 10 Great Theme Restaurants of Mumbai
Tired of going to the same restaurant?
There are some things that will definitely interest you and satisfy your appetite for food.
The theme restaurant is here and will stay here for a long time. World-
The theme restaurant is in good business.
Mumbai is no different.
In fact, the theme restaurant now has a pot
The existence of India, at least when we talk about metropolis.
Some themed restaurants have their own names all over the world, with different and different launches --of-the-box themes.
Have you heard about the condom themed restaurant in Bangkok, or the toilet themed restaurant in Taipei, or the "Sky dinner" in Belgium?
We don't have such a bold theme in Mumbai, but we have a good theme that we can go and have a good time.
Even if you are in town, you can have lunch in the village.
Have you ever heard of a restaurant where the server can't hear or can't speak, or have heard of all the famous Salman Khan themed restaurants.
This list will bring you this.
Restaurants developed with specific themes in mind.
This is the Mumbai themed restaurant you must experience.
When you walk into the restaurant, it is definitely ahh. .
It feels like you can't control it.
You took a step in the village, and not long ago you were in the crowd --
A lively shopping center.
Only one-
After paying the time entrance fee, you are free to enjoy the food from many varieties.
Owners are trying to create a pan-Indian Country restaurant.
In addition to other foods you can enjoy, there are South India, Gujarat, Rajasthan.
Due to the diversity of our country, any attempt to create an entire Indian village has its drawbacks.
This place may be noisy on weekends.
Families prefer this place because kids can have a lot of fun once you get into it.
You can stay there for at least three hours once you enter.
So it became a little picnic.
1/F, Raghuleela shopping center, back of bharar Depot, kandiwari West, Mumbai. http://www.
Don't expect a lion show at the Wild restaurant in Plata.
The service level of this restaurant is very high.
Even if you're not amused by the jungle environment, your kids will definitely love every bit of this place.
The food was delicious and the staff was prompt and understanding. Read Mid-
If you are a fan of classical music and just can't accept rock music, stay away from this place.
This is a paradise for rock music lovers.
The restaurant also organizes special performances regularly.
At the place where the famous Indian Ocean band performs, there is a video like this in line for you.
Address: Mumbai, Worli, Mumbai, Pandurang, Budhkar, Marg, Mumbai, dyeing plant compound-http://www. hardrock.
Com/location/cafe. aspx?
You may have eaten Punjab food. at a Dhaba -
How about in the air-
Condition dhaba.
The owners brought traditional Dhaba and unique environment to the people of Mumbai.
I just like Punjabi.
It was a good experience to come here for vegetables and tours.
Juicy butter chicken with Pahadi kebabs is really a bite, stomach --Full, mouth-
Experience watering.
The restaurant has been reviewed by many front desks.
Newspapers, magazines and T. V channels.
It may be a strong marketing campaign, but the food here is great. http://www. darasdhaba.
This is a special one anyway.
Recently, the restaurant has been reported in many newspapers about its unique concept and the food it provides.
The concept of the restaurant is that all the staff who provide you food can't hear or can't speak and you can only order in sign language.
Having said that, once you enter the restaurant, the manager will familiarize you with the concept and make you feel at home.
Accompanying sign language that needs to be used when there is something on the menu.
Literally, if the dish you order is actually the one that is going to arrive, people will always feel that until the food arrives.
It feels good to say they don't make mistakes.
The quality of the food is good and you will learn some sign language as well when you finish eating the food.
Address: Transocean House, Lake Avenue, Business Park, Powai Hiranandani, Mumbai.
http://mirchiandmime .
Just like stocks traded in the real market, the dynamic pricing of your drinks.
The market lasted until midnight.
Even if we compare the concept of a stock exchange with many other concepts around the world, it is quite a new concept.
It may be an expensive thing to do, but experience this uniqueness at least once.
Stag deer is not allowed here, which is a bit unfair.
They have an app that you need to download on your phone to get an idea of the current price, isn't that any different?
This has grown.
There is only one branch and they have spread their wings to a total of 7 restaurants.
Want to experience food at a dump?
Then head to the garbage dump theme Union.
The entertainment at the dump is commendable.
This design is completely creatively made from waste materials.
Food costs Rs 2000 for you and your partner.
Welcome to this great place called Kashmir.
If you want to experience an excellent atmosphere and enjoy the food of Kashmir, this place is worth a visit.
There is a long list of delicious vegetables and non-vegetables on the menu
Vegetables and some authentic Kashmir drinks.
This is one of the largest shopping malls in Mumbai and you will not be deprived of the right to choose in terms of restaurants.
But next time if you happen to be in Phoenix, Kurla goes to this place and I have to tell you that it won't disappoint you. Take my word. Address: S-
It's all about Salman.
And that's true.
It is not just a restaurant, it can also be classified as the Salman Museum.
There are walls everywhere that worship bhais posters.
The entrance is also special with Salman's main movie poster and matching Rs.
Displays a note for the release date.
There are then some famous conversations listed, such as "Swagat nahi karoge" (at the entrance) or "Dosti me no sorry no thanks ".
In addition, there is a similar balcony of the famous Galaxy apartment.
Every part of this union takes into account Salman's preferences.
Needless to say, the boss is a huge fan of Salman like me. https://www. tripadvisor.
Reviews in the restaurant-g304554-d7980240-Reviews-Bhaijaanz-
Mumbro _ bombay_maharashtra.
I can't find a better way to finish this list than ending this list with Maharashtrian theme restaurant.
There are a lot of Maharashtrian foods that are better than Puran Polly and Bhakri of course.
Maharashtrian has a wide range of food, most dishes are more valuable than many others
Known as international cuisine.
You will be surprised to visit Diva Maharashtracha.
Address: Plot No. 29/30, Shop No. 1 to 4, T. H. http://www.
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