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the dirty dishes restaurant Basics of Photography

by:Two Eight     2019-08-06
the dirty dishes restaurant Basics of Photography
If you are a sports fan, you know the it technology after a team enters the "rebuilding year.Just when the boss and trainer decide it's time to educate new members and correct the bad habits of others.Always, when the management team walks into this, they say they are "back to basics ".
Sometimes, as photographers, it is very good for us to go back to basic life.Of course, if you just have the beginning in the world of photography and want to learn "ropes", it's basically a natural start.But you have mastered the basics of professional knowledge of the art of photography.
Anyone can eat a photo.I went to a wedding reception and the wedding party left a disposable camera on every table at the reception for guests to consume photos.Before the end of the evening, the boys ran around and took all the dirty dishes to your panties.These are not photographers, and once people's photos are really some laughter, they are not professional photos of people who want their long term Photosterm memory.
Obviously, the foundation of photography may be the camera.Whenever you see a camera geek walking with enough material in your neck to launch a space shuttle, it looks like the camera is really complicated, not just a mortal can catch it.But you see, you will see the professional work of the mobile device, it is relatively simple to use the camera.This is only because of the basic principle of running the camera at aperture and shutter speed.
It doesn't matter if it's too fancy now.The aperture is just an expression of the width the camera opens to allow light to shine.Shutter speed is the time you make the light affect the image.For photos of fast moving events, you need a wide aperture to take in case of sufficient light, but if you pick up the box quickly and close the window, there is more light in the previous photos, bad quality.
Photography is about light.You can and you can discover a lot about shots and flash photography, and other methods that can return you more control than lens lighting.Then add some simple photography tips and hope never stop learning.Better and more complicated is that you can find work in the device, the more you learn, the more you need to learn.
You can control these basic rights better, monitor the camera, like aperture and shutter speed, switch to auto settings in manual settings.The automatic setting of each camera is only available to those public who are not interested in learning the basics.So I will give some simple settings like landscape, portrait and motion settings.The exchange hands let you know the settings that are best suited in various situations.
How to be a good photographer requires us to do the most critical foundation, which is probably the practice.Take a moment to play for your device.Consume a chassis, take photos of various open and shutter speed settings, settings both inside and outside, and many trends during light exposure.Don't get angry when some shots don't work.This is part of the learning curve.
Learning through practice, you will build confidence in your work and eventually become a very good photographer.But there is always more to learn if you are arrogant.It could be an interesting thing about photography, wouldn't it?
George S.

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