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the big lie of luxury food and the way we can overcome our ... - small dishes at fancy restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
the big lie of luxury food and the way we can overcome our ...  -  small dishes at fancy restaurants
There is an old belief that connects shellfish with luxury, so many of us cannot explore the flavor we deserve.
Today, we will free ourselves from the chains of superstition.
For some reason, many of us consider seafood to be a luxurious food, suitable for kings and queens, or at least rich and famous, sitting in a padded chair in a luxurious restaurant by the sea in a foreign country, we dare not guess the pronunciation of its name.
When we think of shrimp, lobster and oyster dishes, we tend to think of them as heavy porcelain plates, served by stern waiters under the control of large chandeliers, wearing a black suit and a bow tie.
Of course, no matter what others say, he wears a bow tie, which is cool.
The waiter placed the plate on the table with a gentle coat brush, showing a spotless texture, sparkling in the dim light, and a reflection of the shiny silver.
The plates themselves are decorated in a variety of colors, as master works by talented artists, crying on bright canvases, looking for that expressionless awe in the eyes of diners.
But as we can see in the kitchen in the East and Mediterranean, it doesn't have to be like this.
On those plains, seemingly luxurious seafood products occupy a large part of the daily menu of the population, from the low class to the ordinary people to the high class, everyone can enjoy the pleasant taste of the ocean.
This is not to say that the money in these countries is rolling down the street, but that the richness of these products helps to create a whole new approach that is different from the West.
The first thing you have to realize when you are liberated from this misleading idea is that cooking shellfish at home doesn't have to be so expensive.
If you venture in the local market, you may find a variety of fresh shellfish at a reasonable price, thus opening up new Plains in your culinary world.
Now all you have to do is find the green mouth or shrimp recipe that suits your personal taste.
This should not be difficult because there are thousands of recipes and recipe variants that are easy to find in the process of finding new flavors.
When we were there, there was a little tip here.
Keep in mind that you don't have to follow your recipes as the Almighty God says, and if they don't 100% match your taste, you can always make small changes.
Don't worry, we won't.
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