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the big dish restaurant Southern France: 6 Fabulous Farm-To-Table Restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the big dish restaurant Southern France: 6 Fabulous Farm-To-Table Restaurants
From the lush valleys of Provence to the sunny Mediterranean coastline, the idyllic countryside of southern France is dotted with quaint villages surrounded by picturesque farms, orchards and vineyards.
Visit these villages and you may stumble upon a restaurant and have the chance to taste some of the best French countries --style cuisine. in the village.
It's the ultimate farm-to-
Whether you like the dining experience at the table or not!
French chefs are keen to use fresh vegetables, herbs and meat in their cooking, and this obsession is most evident in southern France. .
They also work with many local and/or regional producers to bring the most authentic and best handmade items such as wine, cheese, sausage, olive oil and honey to their restaurants.
This article introduces six farms. to-
Some of the restaurants in southern France are not very good-magnifique! Bon Appétit!
Located in one of the most beautiful villages in Provence, l hallarme is an exquisite restaurant.
The fashion of century stone cellar, modern©This is a charming and romantic restaurant. Chef Jean-
He serves truffle and goat cheese.
Select ingredients.
The menu changes regularly to reflect the situation during the season. (5-
Creative dinner with fresh asparagus.
Each dish is an amazing artwork, pleasing to the eye!
At the nearby MIT©Village of Nerbes
The service was impeccable and the staff were very welcoming.
Town N®Mes has several ancient relics dating back to the Roman Empire. .
On the garden terrace upstairs, under the vines shed, ask for a table with stunning views of the town!
This restaurant specializes in traditional French Mediterranean cuisine. There are many attractive fish and seafood options on the menu.
(Grilled steak) with classic Provence sauce, with thyme and rosemary.
The chef, Michel E Ciantar, uses only fresh and seasonal ingredients to create such a delicate and healthy food. (4-
Of course, the food feast is 31.
50 yuan per person (excluding wine ).
Sandra, the elegant wife of the chef, offers first-class table service.
This restaurant is located in a historic hotel with lovely antique furniture and a strong sense of nostalgia.
A huge fireplace, vintage chandeliers and a dusty old piano add charm. Their home-
The cooking style dishes are very delicious and very fresh, you can taste the sunshine of Provence on the pass heir tomatoes in the salad!
Basil olive oil (staple food in southern France) is deliberately used to add a unique earthy flavor to many dishes.
Don't miss desserts like boiled peaches and lavender honey in red wine.
Each dish is presented cleverly. First-
Warm and professional staff provide you with excellent service.
Held annually in August.
Plaza dumachi©. !
This little restaurant is tucked away in a quiet street and is more popular with locals than tourists, which is a very good sign!
Sit at the outdoor table under the sun umbrella and have a glass of wine or beer to enjoy a pleasant local view.
Au Bistro is known for its rich, simple and ancient dishes
French Country cuisine.
(Goat cheese pie ).
From the oven directly to your table, the figs and prunes are hot!
Sweet figs and dried sour plum (come directly from the farm market, fresher than this!
) Worked very well together in this dessert to create such a pleasant taste, color and texture.
Warm and friendly service, very affordable!
This is a relatively new and unpretentious restaurant. it is really a hidden gem!
Chef Cyril
A young man of kindness and humility
Great talent!
Stewed pork, duck, sausage and white beans.
(Fried goat cheese pie), great with mixed vegetables, tomatoes, fresh apples and apricots!
Use the best products.
Full of exotic cinnamon and fennel spices.
Exquisite food, thoughtful service and reasonable price: 3-
Only 22 course dinner (wine not included) is served per person ).
Find a table on the cobblestone sidewalk and enjoy spectacular views of the great medieval castle on the mountain.
Hang out in the quiet old city of Perpignan at the restaurant.
It sits in a narrow alley with tables sprinkled on the street, packed with fashionable crowds, very French!
And fried dishes. ©Vegetables.
Each dish was carefully prepared and perfectly seasoned.
There are great wine lists, including wines from the Spanish region of Catalunya. service staff.
Dining in southern France is a relaxing and relaxing thing compared to Paris.
However, you may still have some small challenges.
In small towns, waiters do not necessarily speak English, and the menu is usually written in full French. ?
How much tip should you leave at the table?
Here are some useful suggestions for getting your farmto-
Dining table experience is more memorable. 1. Eat locally!
View reviews of local restaurants from your travel guide or on the Internetg.
Travel Consultant for Yelp.
Use various apps on your phone to find the nearest restaurant.
Don't forget the concierge or Airbnb host!
Ask the locals where they like to eat.
Or follow the flow, venture and choose any interesting restaurants you see when visiting the village.
Tip: browse the menu posted outside the entrance to the restaurant for features and prices. 2.
(Special pre-chef
Settings menu for 3 or 4-
Set meal including appetizer, main course, dessert, usually with coffee or tea ). The pre-
The package is usually the best option (in terms of price) as it shows the restaurant's signature dishes and the freshest ingredients of the day (fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, etc ). ).
Main course.
It's a main course. 3. Wine anyone? .
Ut is also an acceptable companion for many summer dishes.
Most of the waiters will recommend the wines of the local winery to you, and you can order a full bottle, half bottle or a glass at dinner time. 4.
It is OK not to leave a tip because it is often included in the food price.
(Service included) on the menu.
However, if you are very happy with the service, you should give the waiter an extra bill of 1 to 3 or up to 5%.
They will appreciate it. 5.
Or an upscale restaurant that looks good as much as possible.
Yes, in French culture, the image is everything!
Locals dress up when they go out for dinner.
In southern France, linen dresses, trousers, shirts and shirts are ideal for dinner in the warm summer months.
It gets cold at night, so bring more things like scarves, sweaters or light sweaters. ! 6. Merci beaucoup!
Learn some basic French words or phrases so you can use them in a restaurant.
(Very delicious ).
Please keep in mind that the French are serious about food and like good reviews of food.
If you really like dinner, please tell the waiter to greet the chef.
It should not be a surprise if the chef comes to your table in person to thank you, especially in a Small Town restaurant!
The author savored his farm. to-
Explore the dining table in southern France.
He hopes to eat such food every day!
All photos are written by the author using Olympus Stylus TG-
630 iHS Digital Camera and iPhone 6.
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