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the big dish restaurant Lobster Salad Recipes from Hawaii and Beyond

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the big dish restaurant Lobster Salad Recipes from Hawaii and Beyond
If so, you will not be disappointed.
I am sharing some delicious salad recipes that I have made while living in Hawaii or collected when I travel to other destinations.
Lobster is one of the shellfish delicacies that can be added to almost any type of salad or food, not only is it still delicious, but it is also an improvement to this dish, in most cases.
I 've had a lot of salads in Hawaii over the last few years and it's very special!
I live in Hawaii most of the time, which gives me the opportunity to eat a lot of prickly tails in a variety of dishes because they are very rich.
Have a crisp cold chardonnay on a warm Kona day!
What better? Lobsters! Yum-m-m-m!
Lobster, which is commonly known as a bug, does not all have the giant claws of Atlantic lobster.
Lobster with claws can only be bought in cold water (no pun intended ).
In the warm coastal waters of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Pacific, lobster does not have huge claws.
They are called spiny lobsters because they lack claws and they make up for them with a rich, sweet and delicious giant tail!
While living in Hawaii, when I was making a salad, I used a delicious lobster tail with a thorn.
We rarely set traps for them unless we plan a big party.
We usually go.
When we want them to have a few meals, dive them fishing with a net or spear.
You can see the size of the tail through this photo, compared to a bug outside the Atlantic Ocean. They are Huge!
The Thorn tail is much larger and sweeter than the one with big claws.
The lobster in Maine and Nova Scotia on the east coast of the mainland seems to be sweeter than the tail meat. . Lobster Season!
The fishing season for Hawaiian lobsters is the opposite of the New England coast.
East Coast lobsters are very rich in the summer months, and in Hawaii they can only fish in the fall months;
Only for a few months at the end of "er; i. e.
September, October, November and December.
Because the warm seawater lobster does not have the huge lobster claw of the Atlantic lobster in the cold waters, all the energy that the lobster grows is used to produce these huge sweet tails. Yum!
During my first years in New York, I spent the summer in Maine.
I was surprised by the claws of these Atlantic bugs.
These giant lobster claws are part of the sweetest meat of these shellfish.
The tail is relatively small compared to the warm ocean lobster, not as sweet as the claws, and the taste is not as strong or juicy as the Pacific lobster tail, or Australian bugs
Please don't get me wrong.
No doubt the bugs are great, but after the chance to try so many different shellfish from so many different ports, my vote is the tail of the Pacific Ocean.
During my trip, I borrowed and made a salad recipe from every area I have been.
For each type of bug I'm lucky enough to encounter, none of them are "bad "!
Everyone has their own unique taste and attributes.
One thing I learned is that I really like the claw meat of Atlantic lobster (except for the delicious taste) is a beautiful and unique presentation that can be made with claw-shaped meat.
Please keep looking for some of my favorite salad recipes from Hawaii and other ports.
For the poor people who don't live by the sea, fresh lobster is promising.
I'll let you know later that even if you live in the state of NEAs or Oklahoma, you can still have fresh lobster salad at home!
The original crab Louis salad was made on the dock in San Francisco.
This salad was later adapted by the Cona Kitchen restaurant and turned into the lobster Louis salad that was served to me in Kailua for many years.
Kona Island on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Sadly, the restaurant is no longer there.
It was recently purchased and replaced with an American.
An Italian restaurant called The Old Bar and Grill.
The original Kona kitchen lobster Louis salad is not difficult to make.
Simple and delicious salad.
From the pier in Kona Bay to the sea restaurant.
Topper is a chardonnay salad, a refreshing cold delight after a hot day on the beach!
I have changed the original Kona kitchen lobster Louis salad to suit my own taste and hope you like it too!
Mix together in a small bowl;
Mayonnaise, chili sauce, tomato sauce, sweet pickles, Old Bay dressing, Tabasco sauce and Worcester County sauce.
Must be mayonnaise.
Don't whip with miracles.
Mash, crush or mash 1 cloves of garlic and add it to the mayonnaise mixture.
The second 1/2 of chopped Maui onion, you put it on one side very well, then add 1 t.
Go to mayo mixture
Freeze any unused chopped onions in the air
Tight container for another time.
Cut the lemon in half.
Set aside 1/2 for decoration
Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into the mayonnaise mixture;
Add salt and freshly ground black pepper;
Mix all ingredients until they are mixed in light pink.
If it's too dark, add some mayonnaise;
If it's too light, add some ketchup.
Cover and cool until ready to use.
Gently throw green vegetables;
It was divided into two salad plates and piled high.
Arrange tomato corners, cucumbers, radishes and hard
Boiled egg corners around the salad.
Place the lobster block in the middle of the green vegetable.
Sprinkle with scallions or leeks.
Cut the remaining lemon into 4 pieces.
Put two wedges on each salad.
Mix the Cayenne with the pepper.
Salad plate;
Sprinkle the dressing and the cayenne mixture on the salad.
You can replace Maui onion with Vidalia onion.
Papaya and shellfish
A game in heaven!
Papayas is my favorite fruit in Hawaii because they are not only sweet and delicious, but also a very healthy source of food.
The mix of papaya and seafood makes sense, because the natural sweetness of papaya is well combined with shellfish, so the "Hawaiian Island stuffed papaya salad" was born.
In this section, I included some recipes that I used to make papayas a lot in Hawaii.
This is a recipe for a papaya lobster curry salad I made in Hawaii.
If you make this salad on the mainland, it is important to use only Papaya grown organically in the United States.
All the papaya shipped from Hawaii, South America, Mexico and China have been eradicated, and the papaya and insects go together to remove all the healthy ingredients.
Papaya seeds are filled with papaya enzymes, the best meat tenderizer.
Dry the seeds in the newspaper in the sun, dry them and grind them fine, and use them as tenderers on less tender slices of meat.
The seeds have a slight pepper flavor.
Crab juice may be frozen for use in the thick soup next time.
Don't whip with miracles.
It will give off the taste of seafood.
The seafood will deteriorate soon.
Do not take more than one day in advance.
It's best to do it 6 hours before service. e.
Prepare afternoon service in the morning.
Seafood mixture can be adjusted and changed depending on taste and supply.
Sometimes I only eat lobster or shrimp, or both, not crab.
This time, instead of filling the papaya, we put the papaya and The Lobster together in salad.
Avocado slices for decoration are also well blended with lobster and papaya.
Molton Bay Bed Bug (orientelius orientyal), also known as Australian Bay lobster, is a slipper lobster found in the waters off Australia's northern coast.
If you don't live in Australia and don't have access to bed bugs in Morton Bay, you can replace them with lobster, red claw crayfish, Mullen, and you have shrimp or shrimp for this recipe.
As you can see from the photos, they do not have the claws of Atlantic lobster and the long legs and tentacles of Pacific lobster, however, the taste is similar to that of Pacific bug.
The meat of the Molton worm, like the Pacific lobster, is found only on the tail.
Like other lobsters, they can be purchased in a frozen form, served exclusively as the main menu, or as part of the main course or salad.
The bugs are either poached, cooked, steamed or barbecued.
This is one of the simplest lobster salads you will make and it is delicious!
No matter where you go to the Caribbean, you will find plenty of fresh seafood, tropical fruits and seasonings that will awaken your senses and bring your attention, make you feel healthier and more energetic than you feel in your life.
The Caribbean lobster is a thorn lobster with a large and sweet meat tail.
If you can't go to these exotic places, then be sure to try a Caribbean BBQ salad and enjoy the sun and fun at your own backyard barbecue this summer.
Jamaican salad with mango avocado
With the taste of the Caribbean Sea, add hot habanello peppers, and this tropical lobster salad will be as hot or gentle as you like.
I like to eat hot food, but I only used a chopped silver fresh habanello.
I like the flavor it adds, but I don't want to add the taste of mango with heat.
In 1970, we camped on the stone island off the coast of Mazatlan, Mexico for 6 months.
While we were camping there, we rented a rowing boat and used a few pesos to get us back and forth into town from the island.
At that time, Mazatlan was a sleepy fishing village.
There is a beautiful Spanish Catholic Church, several shops, several small restaurants and a pub in the town, but not many others.
No big resort, shopping center or tours.
Every morning, we leave the island and row ashore.
We will meet a little Mexican man named Raul on the beach, selling the most delicious fresh pickled fish with sour orange juice.
He always has at least 5 different varieties to choose from, including shrimp, lobster, scallops, squid, octopus, abalone and fish.
It all depends on what he caught that morning.
He only charged us a big cup of Dixie for 10 centavos (10 cents!
From there we will walk to Cantana in town where we will get 15 centavos tacos and beer.
So for 25 cents we can have a very fresh, healthy breakfast with beer and wash it clean.
Before we left the town, Raul taught me how to make his sour orange pickled fish and his wife taught me how to cook the best Mexican food and fresh tortillas.
When I am making sour orange pickled fish now, I always think back to Raul and his wife, Rossi, and those carefree days of living in Mexico.
This is one of the happiest times of my life!
Lobster on the west side of Mexico emerges from the Pacific Ocean.
Like the Hawaiian lobster, it is a spiny lobster with long legs and tentacles and a huge sweet tail.
Feel free to use lobster in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific or any fresh seafood you may have in your area.
Put your sour orange pickled fish in a large bowl and in the middle of the table.
You can eat a large bowl of homemade tortillas or grilled tortillas, or a bowl of hot sauce or salsa.
Decorate the pickled fish with sauerkraut.
Let people put what they want and other food on the plate and eat it with French fries.
Small bowls of lettuce or green vegetables are placed on the table;
Fill a large bucket of pickled fish with sour orange juice and serve tacos, chips or biscuits next to it.
Pile your homemade cornflakes or tortillas on an attractive platter and pile the sour orange pickled fish on it.
Guests can enjoy a small edible baking tray or cornflakes on their own.
Serrano peppers are much more spicy than Mexican peppers, so you have to season them to your own taste.
Removing the seeds and membranes of the peppers is also a personal preference when you want to make your sour orange pickled fish hot.
I like my heat, but don't burn the garbage in my mouth a bit hot.
My personal preference is two kinds of jalapeno (seeds and membranes remain in it) and one serrano pepper (seeds and membranes are removed ).
In order to have the freshest taste, add the seasoning to the fish no more than a few hours before serving.
For most seafood such as fish, scallops, abalone, squid or shrimp, lime is the best.
For lobster, I prefer to "cook" the lobster with fresh lemon juice.
This taste is not as strong as lime, and I think this lime is more suitable for a cleaner and sunny taste.
Sometimes it takes longer to "cook" lobster with lemon.
Check it in 2 hours to see if it fits your preferences.
If not, check in for another hour.
Some people may prefer to steam the lobster meat before you marinate it with citrus, and then do some cooking.
As I mentioned earlier, you don't have to worry if you are a poor man in the interior of the United States and don't have fresh lobster!
Only the best quality of life
Selection of shell lobster.
Choose the size of the lobster you want.
Their live lobster was taken from the fishing boats of local lobster fishermen.
Remember, these are fresh and hard.
High quality shell lobster.
To put it simply, I think this is the best fresh lobster in Maine.
Their live lobster meets the required weight and is often heavier!
Lobster anywhere will only ship you the freshest Maine lobster anywhere in the United States and they will ship it for free!
Just click on the link under the photo above to order.
It is recommended to use aluminum to cook anything when aluminum enters the cooking water.
Our bodies have absorbed more aluminum than the deodorant and shampoo we use every day, so it's better not to add more aluminum to our diet.
A storage pot made of stainless steel or lacquer is the only way out.
Both are good hot pipes.
This is just a matter of personal choice.
I have had a stainless steel pot for over 40 years.
This shows how well these pots are made.
They are durable and look and cook beautifully.
Every once in a while I scrub my skin with Bon Ami cleaner to make it look as good as it was when cooking.
Lobster Carnival salad
Early in 1980.
With the lively colors of pink, red and yellow, this is a festival waiting to happen. 2 T. 1 T.
Stir orange juice and vinegar in a small bowl until it is mixed.
Stir in mustard;
Then gradually add to the oil.
Continue to stir until slightly thicker.
Season with fresh black pepper.
I have been making this "lemon potato salad" for years as a replacement for what many people think is "normal" potato salad.
This salad is perfect when I have the urge to eat something different, I have very few leftovers and it is always sought after!
I had a small amount of lobster a few years ago, but too many mouths to feed everyone.
Instead, I made this potato salad and added the remaining lobster tail to the salad.
The result was really great and delicious.
It has become a "new" favorite with a hint of lemon and sun.
I have written the recipe as much as I can because I usually just make it from scratch without measuring anything.
You may have to adjust the mayonnaise when I'm just eyeballs.
I'll start with a small amount, or anything you use when you make a potato salad, and then add more Mayo to adjust as needed.
The salad absorbs some mayonnaise while cooling.
When I first found this recipe on the hungry blog, I thought pistachio sounded a little weird, but after some tweaking it actually got pretty good.
In the original recipe, I replaced the white little potato with the Red little potato and made some other seasonings that I thought were well combined with lobster, potatoes and nuts and
Add 1/4 cups of chopped cornichons if you need kimchi.
Replace gr with leeks or chopped verdaria onion 1/2.
Spike can be found in the grocery store's health food area or health food store.
I love the food in China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines because I grew up in Hawaii.
My adaptation in Thailand
This Thai noodle salad
Potato salad is nice if you like hotspicy food.
This recipe should be generous with 6 to 8 servings as a salad.
As the main course;
4 to 6 healthy.
Booked 3 bundles of Douban on the platter offering services.
Put the warm potato salad on the Paddy bed and put some green onion on it;
Chopped roasted cashew nuts;
Chopped mint, basil and coriander.
The decoration can be placed in a seasoning bowl for guests to put their own salad with a spoon.
Put a lime wedge on each individual plate as a hot lobster potato salad.
Lobster rolls made of Maine lobster are a favorite of the population of the northeast and east coast of the United States.
I'm not a huge fan of them myself.
Don't get me wrong, I like lobster, but I don't like to eat unhealthy soft white bread.
Give me the salad any day, but you can keep the gum, the damp bread!
No matter where you go to the east coast, lobster roll stuffing is the same.
It's basically lobster, the mayonnaise of Hailman, and chopped onions and celery.
It is usually seasoned with old shellfish and pepper.
There are several varieties of this basic lobster roll recipe, but not many.
I will not give you more basic lobster roll recipes, I will give you some of my favorite, delicious Maine Lobster recipes that I have made or adapted for the infamous Maine lobster.
I hope you like it.
I found this recipe on another foodie blog love bite.
I haven't tried it yet, but if you're a wasabi fan like me, I know you'll love this one.
I did make Bea's Wasabi Dill sauce and it died for it!
You can buy wasabi Oil at Trader Joes or make your own oil by mixing 1/2 cups of canola or EVOO with 1 teaspoon of wasabi. Pale vinegar -
I have never been to Europe, not to mention Paris, France, because I usually go to exotic places.
Since I do like to eat food that tastes great from all over the world, I do tend to visit gourmet blogs to see if there are some new things I have never tried before.
This recipe sounds very French.
At the time, blogger Kerry added this to her blog, a student at a cooking school in Paris.
I found the images a bit confusing with her recipes.
The lobster in the photo is a lobster with a thorn.
The lobster meat in the photo comes from the claw meat, and as you know now, the spinster lobster does not have the big claws like The Atlantic lobster.
Kerry's original recipe required a spiny lobster tail and then conflicted with the entrance to the claw.
So I don't know what type of lobster she actually uses in her Spring restaurant in Paris.
Since I currently live in New York, I usually buy fresh lobsters by air from Maine or Massachusetts as the freshest. So. . . . .
Use any lobster in your area.
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