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the best restaurants in the city of london - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-12
the best restaurants in the city of london  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
A person can't live very well, can't love very well, can't sleep very well.
Unless you eat well.
Novelist Wolff (118-
1941) London is a melting pot of culture and race.
The fusion of different cultures paved the way for a variety of restaurants to offer different cuisines.
From Asian cuisine to Indian, Cuban, Italian and Mexican cuisine, there is no shortage of new flavors.
Amaya is the oldest restaurant in India selling hot cakes.
This chic restaurant is known for its Indian grill and kebabs.
This ambitious restaurant has award-winning chefs serving barbecue dishes, including Mughali cuisine such as bianni and chicken.
The signature dishes include chicken chops, lamb chops and lobster.
Vegetarians don't have to be disappointed because the delightful broccoli or artichokes in the yogurt sauce baked by Indian spices are the main attraction.
Dessert, try sugar-
Free fresh pomegranate granite.
Lake Fyne cultivated oysters in the pristine waters of Lake Fyne in Scotland in 1998, and now it has 46 restaurants in the UK.
In addition to selling oysters, fish and meat dishes are also their specialties.
When you walk into the restaurant, this big, open freezer will appeal to you.
Oysters and lobsters are all prepared here and you can enjoy the performance as well.
The kitchen is open and adds charm to the warm atmosphere.
Under the scolding of executive chef Douglas Wright, the restaurant's menu changed three times a year.
Between noon and 7: 00 in the afternoon, you can have a glass of wine at 12: 00 a day and enjoy a two-course dinner.
Las Iguanas (in spitalfield) want to eat authentic Latin American cuisine, please visit the exotic glazed terraceLas Iguanas restaurant in spitalfield.
Founded in Bristol Street in 1991, Today is a favorite for locals and travelers.
The restaurant provides seating for 280 guests.
The menu was inspired by Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, including fish, meat, chicken and mouth
Vegetarian dishes.
The Dans Le Noirrestaurant restaurant is located in a luxurious setting in the trendy area of Clerkenwell.
Experience and re-restaurant in dazzling darkness, senses
The evaluation of taste buds is their motto.
Here the blind becomes your eyes, it sounds strange but interesting.
The menu includes meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and you can also choose a surprise meal.
Whether you're on a business trip or visiting London, make sure you dine at these amazing restaurants.
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