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The best Mexican food in Halifax - most popular mexican restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-19
The best Mexican food in Halifax  -  most popular mexican restaurant dishes
As a Mexican food lover, I have eaten many times in Halifax and I think there are only three Mexican restaurants worth visiting. Fight me.
They're here. you're welcome.
In the weeks leading up to the opening, chef Luis Lopez ate 10,000 tortillas a day.
On a Saturday night with more than an hour of waiting time, people are happy to queue up.
This is the charm and authentic taste of antojo. Menu stand-
Including street corn (elotes) in Mexico );
Tortillas, tuna, tortillas;
Of course, there is a cheroo family.
Address: 1667 Argyle StreetThis no-frills no-
WiFi joint billed himself as "a truly authentic Mexican restaurant", the latest addition to the Halifax Mexican food scene.
The owner, Vicky Ruiz, swept the city with her edited menu including tacos (seven kinds;
A common tortillas; rice; beans;
Potato chips and guac.
Interesting fact: All tortillas are less than $5!
It's hard to narrow it down to the most popular places, but chorizo, fish and suadero (brisket) tortillas will make you dream of them until you get back to the Waterstone --
Restaurant located.
Address: 3248 isville Street.
Located in Fairview, 11-
Driving or 24 minutes-
It is definitely worth a visit to Lindo by bus from downtown Halifax, Mexico.
Over the past 20 years, the restaurant has met the needs of those harigon who are eager for authentic Mexican flavor, generous portions and excellent service.
The menu includes 28 kinds of food; 12 gluten-free ones;
There is also a range of Mexican drinks including a refreshing home
Delicious hot Mexican chocolate.
Chicken tacos and sausage burritos are for sure. fire hits.
Imagine your wizards in the kitchen and a grocery store with authentic Mexican products and ingredients.
Address: 3635 Holland Village Road.
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