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the 5 reasons why pizza is america's favorite food - tennessee can restaurant add alcohol to a dish

by:Two Eight     2019-09-10
the 5 reasons why pizza is america\'s favorite food  -  tennessee can restaurant add alcohol to a dish
Americans eat about 3 billion pizzas a year in restaurants, which doesn't even include all the pizzas made at home or frozen pies in the grocery store.
There is no doubt that this is one of the favorite foods in the United States.
In less than 100, from the streets of Naples to every small town in the United States, this delicious dish was successful.
Why is this dish so popular?
There are five reasons here.
Pizza is cheap and easy to eat, cheap and easy to eat.
So little cash can't satisfy anything.
That's why a salad is the perfect lunch break.
This is a quick and simple thing that tastes good and makes you energetic.
It sells everywhere and you usually get a big chunk for just a few dollars.
Most American foods like hamburgers and hot dogs are separate.
Pizza can be a separate meal, but it can also be a great public dish.
Eating together is a cheap way for 3 to 4 people.
It's also great for parties and kids.
A few pies can make a lot of small belly happy.
Diversity is the spice of life. The concept is very simple ---
Bread baked with sauce, cheese and ingredients.
But the potential is limitless.
You can find versions of various ingredients, cheese and shell types.
Across the United States, there are more than 30 different regional differences, including everything from DC giant slices to Hawaii with pineapple on it.
You can try different styles every day of each month and never get bored.
Great beer, hot slices and beer.
The most ordered day for Americans is Super Bowl Sunday.
This is also a favorite of bar and bar snacks.
Must be the salty taste of cheese and the refreshing taste of beer. Get Creative!
The coolest thing about this meal is that you can make your own pie and make it your own way.
You can make your material from scratch or buy something you like --
Bought from the grocery store.
You can add any ingredients you like and bake until it's perfect for you.
Trying pizza has more potential than trying a burger.
You will be surprised that many of your experiments are creating a wonderful new pie recipe!
Pizza may come from Italy, but it soon became a staple at the American table.
It provides parents with something simple and delicious to serve the children and a simple lunch option for the workers.
People of different ages and social classes like this simple Italian dish for good reason.
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