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The 4 Deadly Habits that Give MLM a Bad Name - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
The 4 Deadly Habits that Give MLM a Bad Name  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Many people at the stage of remaking use of online marketing as their transition business.
MLM business model is sound.
You wholesale quality products, build a customer base, and recruit and lead a team to take advantage of the revenue.
In addition, the training provided is a benefit for people who have just come into contact with business.
Regarding success rate or failure rate, there are conflicting statistics in which variables include previous experience, time of learning system, or commitment to make a living.
Leaving aside all the variables and disagreements my purpose here is to share 4 bad habits that I think give a bad reputation for MLM or web marketing and why so many new Web marketers are starting to be so bad. 1. 2. 3. 4. One-up-man-
When I am green and start my speech business, I can't tell you the number of times I give multiple speecheslevel-
The marketer invited me to lunch and meet someone who can take my speech career to a new level.
Promises are fulfilled in various ways: "I think I can introduce you to a company that can take advantage of your training, or" I can show you how to speak in front of thousands of people in a few years.
"When I was at lunch, it turned into a talk about MLM companies, and once I registered and recruited my staff, I would have my audience trained me.
Then I promised that once I made X money, the country headquarters would definitely want me to be the subject of their year.
"I just thought that once I get your attention, you will see that you will thank me for the value of opening this door.
"Intentions may be good, but the reality is: it makes no sense to lie to someone and deceive them into your body --line.
Solution: be transparent about why you want to meet and don't make assumptions about how others need to build their practices.
Never make a promise that you can't achieve.
It's great to be passionate about your product, but listen to one
There are people talking about how their vitamins change the world, and it's a huge shift.
Several times, I served as a keynote speaker at a small business event, and an online marketer will introduce me to how to make money by selling his product because my mailing list is large.
Dialogue is always one-sided, over-
Marketers, without any awareness, stand on the front line and talk about his product while people are waiting in line to buy my book. Hello? ?
Solution: in your presence, take into account the agenda of others.
More than you said.
Ask a question instead of saying statistics about how your product treats cancer, reduces wrinkles, or saves you thousands of legal costs.
The biggest advantage of MLM companies is the training and support they provide.
If you start from scratch, you can't get this training without paying a lot of money.
Yes, the system is in place and the tried and real methods work.
There is only one big question: when you are programmed to learn all the statistics about why your product is the best, you forget that not everyone is as interested in your product as you are.
I purchased several products as a dealer.
As much as I love this product, I hate to hear the voices of the people who introduced this product to me.
Every question they ask is like the beginning of the sale.
No matter what my answer is, they offer me an upgrade or a new product that promises to make my life better.
(Let me admit that this may just be my opinion.
Still, we never discussed how her product could make my life better.
Finally, it's about your vitamins.
Not your pan bowl pans basin.
It's not about your makeup.
It's about relationships.
Solution: Try to be interested in each other before selling.
Master your energy and slow down your enthusiasm until you establish a connection.
Find a way to help this person first and then they will be more willing to listen to your product. One-up-man-
This is the worst habit I 've ever seen in almost every online marketer.
Their products come from heaven and the products of their competitors are evil.
The reason why many people are afraid to talk to many peoplelevel-
Marketers believe that no matter what cosmetics, vitamins or juice they drink, online marketers will tell them that their products are not as good as the products they represent, and they can come through "research"
There are always Swiss scientists, Japanese inventors, neurons.
Surgeon or Nobel
The winners who have done research prove why you are an idiot if you don't switch products.
This is exhausting.
Make it acceptable for anyone who has to be a hostage to this conversation.
Solution: Don't try to prove someone wrong, and don't talk about how bad other products are.
You will only have resistance to your potential customers.
Simply acknowledge that there are many great products and why you exchange or go with the products you represent.
Then put your tongue on your mouth and avoid arguments if they don't agree.
Consider everything, your expertise, your willingness to work, your commitment to success, and I bet if you can avoid these four deadly habits, you'll be the leader of your web marketing company faster than others with hidden agendas, saying too much, putting products on people and trying to prove others wrong.
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