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by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
The Detroit smoking ban means a special permit is required to apply for the Michigan Public smoking ban, which will take effect on May 1.Smoking is prohibited in most public places and food-Public lounge, restaurant and private club.The hookah bar is no exception, though they can apply for an exemption.
According to Michigan, the hookah bar can submit an application to obtain a professional license for the qualification of a tobacco specialty retail store, thus exempting it from the ban.However, this hookah bar may not have a catering service license or a liquor license.This means that the hookah that currently serves food or alcohol must now decide whether they want to go to restaurants or the tobacco industry.
For hookah owners like Nizar elaywar, the ban has a huge impact."It will greatly affect my business," said elwar, who owns the Rendez Vous cafe in Ann Arbor.In addition to its reputation as the city's first hookah lounge, The Rendez café is known for its iconic sandwiches, fresh smoothies and delicious pancakes.
We have two-"This building," said elaywar."On the first floor we serve food and drinks, (we) book the second floor and smoke indoors and outdoors on the terrace.Many of our customers are students who go there to study and relax.
"Many hookah bars rely heavily on traffic attracted by flavored tobacco, Elawar said.As the smoking ban approaches, some owners are transforming theira to eliminate the feeling of the restaurant.Elaywar is preparing if things don't go well, but hopefully his business will be exempt.
"We applied for a license," elaywar said.
"Now we are just waiting for a reply.
\ "All users applying for a professional license must submit their initial application on or before June 1 and must meet certain criteria in order to obtain the exemption.Owners must certify that their place of business has no physical connection with any of the adjacent establishments where smoking is prohibited and that 75-The percentage of their total annual income comes from tobacco or tobacco products.In addition, minors cannot be Lloyds in businesses that apply for the status of a tobacco specialty retail store.
Kenneth Lee in Detroit is one of the locals standing on the other side of the fence.Li, who is a former smoker, fully supports the ban."I have been smoking for almost 15 years and quitting smoking is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life," Lee said .
"I hope I have never developed such a terrible habit."Li stayed in the luxury of mixing in the smoke --Free environment."I like to go out and play," he said, "but I don't do it very often because I don't like to be around all the smoke.
People still have the right to smoke in cars and at home, and that's what they should do because it doesn't affect others.I feel like a ban is a good thing and honestly I don't see what all the complaints are."Some Michigan residents have welcomed the ban, but there are different legal opinions on it.
Shekiera Wright, a former MSU student and temporary smoker, thinks it is unfair to ban smoking."There is no point in implementing a ban that does nothing but harm local businesses," Wright said ."."In my opinion, it's simple to solve the problem of smoking --Don't go if you don't like the smoke that accumulates around bars and bowling alleys.
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