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ten questions to ask your villa rental agent - free ... - italian restaurants chicago get take home dish as well

by:Two Eight     2019-09-22
ten questions to ask your villa rental agent - free ...  -  italian restaurants chicago get take home dish as well
How to choose a valid villa rental agent?
Just like you would choose any skilled, professional consultant and use your intuition to identify a company that is talented, loyal and professional.
Another important measure is the depth and breadth of the relevant knowledge they have and are willing to share, and the transparency of their presentation.
An effective villa rental agent will endeavor to eliminate as many potential surprises and sources of anxiety as possible by providing as much information as possible.
A professional organization will have a consistent, established way of working that customers can understand. 1.
Do you source the properties you represent?
If not, who will?
Many agents are divided.
Agents of other companies, maybe not Americans. owned.
Some agents provide resources for their own property and work directly with the homeowner.
What does this have to do?
You would like to have reliable information and appropriate fee structure in the price of the villa rent.
Agents are an essential protective layer for guests to provide value-added services.
Owners often cannot really understand your needs and communicate in an effective way.
Too many agents may affect the quality and quantity of the information you get and the price. 2.
How well do you know where I'm going?
Some agents have never been to the destination of your choice.
Again, it's good, but it's in your interest to know that. Why?
Because no matter how amazing and wonderful
Equipped with Villas, you are visiting another country and will want to go out and explore sooner or later.
You should be able to easily get information about where you will be and what's nearby.
If a particular agent doesn't know enough about you, talk to someone else from the company who has been to the area and can answer your questions. 3.
When was the last time you visited this hotel in person?
No matter in which country, conditions on the ground will always change and will affect the quality of the information provided by your agent.
Details related to hotels, local services and nearby attractions may change.
Roads, traffic and signs will almost certainly change.
A good standard for a comprehensive property re-
Check at least once a year.
With such a strategy, agents show their intent to remain accurate and upto-
Date documents for all details, from linens and mattresses to pool conditions, electronics and nearby markets. 4.
What the hell can I find in the house? Dish Soap? Clothes dryer?
Air conditioning? Window screens?
Don't assume anything.
Houses in different countries will definitely be different from your home.
It may vary in ways that you can't expect.
Most Italian families
The owners do not install window screens because they destroy the view, while many Americans may only see their view through the window screens.
The owner may not know your lifestyle, so your agent must be able to assess the relevance and importance of life
Your style difference. Can they? 5.
What additional charges do I incur when I am at home?
Can your agent give you a realistic idea? What additional charges will you incur?
Utilities are usually charged extra because American guests usually consume a lot of electricity, heat, etc.
What can your agent tell you about these fees?
About the staff who will be working at the villa, what can they tell you?
Can they explain exactly when they come and what services they offer, is this an additional service?
Can the staff speak English?
If your agent can confidently inform you in advance of the countless details associated with your maximum enjoyment of the House, they will add value. 6.
What can you tell me about traveling with children?
Older parents?
People with physical limitations?
The more experienced travelers your agent is, the more valuable they are.
Within an institution, there may be people traveling in different capacities, so ask around and get information from those who have relevant experience with you.
It is understandable that you may not even know what questions to ask.
A good broker will know what to ask to make sure your villa rental is successful.
Some of the most important questions have to do with your travel party and the experience of traveling together.
This is a good sign if your agent wants to really understand the interests and personalities of your team. 7.
Is there a local holiday that could affect my ability to enjoy my chosen destination in terms of transportation, closing attractions or unique special celebrations in the area?
Part of the value of the agent is that they are able to give you local information about your destination
From the American point of view
A common cultural reference framework greatly improves the quality of services provided by agents.
The Italians took their holidays very seriously and often traveled to different areas and closed the shops to celebrate.
This may affect when you can pick up or drop your rental car or store your villa on the market.
Make sure you know if such a holiday will affect your plan and how. 8.
What can be done in this area?
Can you provide local food and beverage suggestions?
There may be a famous, highly rated restaurant, but three if needed
Driving an hour from your Villa may not be a useful suggestion.
Does your agent know where and when the local market is?
The opening and closing times of stores, supermarkets, gas stations and the tourism bureau may be very different from our experience in the United States. S.
A useful agent will be able to help you predict how you can make the most of your precious holiday. 9.
What is the road like?
Is there any other way of transportation?
What if we wanted to start in a smaller group or in a large group?
If you are organizing a large group of people for family gatherings, wedding anniversary celebrations or birthday milestones, can your agent help you understand how your various guests will come and go?
Can they operate independently? Or will your holiday eventually become the protagonist of the tour guide?
The roads in Italy are often muddy and often tortuous.
This is relevant for kids who may make their stomachs uncomfortable and for kids who drive home late at night after enjoying local wine.
Ubiquitous white roads can also limit the size of vehicles that can pass, making motorcycle rental impractical.
Can your agent tell you about these things? 10.
What other services do you offer?
Understand what value you get.
Do they have their own English?
Assist you at the scene?
Can they arrange special trips to other places? the-beaten-
Path destination?
Can they find you an interesting guide?
Please help if your luggage is lost by the airline? Also -
What information did you get before you left, how reliable is it?
A good agent will include a comprehensive resource package with detailed and updated directions, complete
Zoom maps, phone cards, and other useful suggestions and help related to your destination.
Bonus advice: Trust your intuition.
If a broker is generous with his time and willing to share his experience, insights and information, it is a very good sign.
If they listen to you and you feel comfortable, the experience is likely to be successful.
The last reminder: there is no place on earth like the United States.
Most memorable and rich holidays from the open-
Interested in where you choose to go.
We encourage you to gain insight into local culture in a way that makes sense to you.
Renting a house is an important first step in enjoying another lifestyle in another community.
Be open to the experience of all changes and it may change your life.
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