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teavana fine bone china set bone china vs. porcelain durability | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
Porcelain and bone porcelain are all materials made of clay.However, the combined material of the clay determines the different forms it uses, porcelain or bone porcelain.Both materials are used to make tiles, cutlery services, and decorative decorations.
Both are hard, white glass elements that are considered very durable.Hard-Paste porcelain is the first porcelain produced and originated in ancient China.It is composed of clay, stone and quartz.The mixture burns at high temperature-About 2,550 F-Intensive fusion of creative elements.
Because hard-The porcelain paste is fired with very high heat and is a very durable material.The high temperature brings together the components more closely.Therefore, porcelain is able to resist electricity, heat and moisture, and any of these will destroy its integrity if it can penetrate it.
Soft-Pasty porcelain originated from the original attempt by 17th-century Western travelers to reproduce the porcelain they saw in the east.Originally made up of clay and ground.Up glass, although it is now made using the clay of the halites, their combustion temperature is usually lower than that of the hard glassPaste porcelain.Low soft burn temperature-Paste Porcelain means that the components are not closely combined, making the product less durable.
Bone porcelain is a kind of porcelain.
It was first synthesized by Josiah spoud in the United States in about 1800.K.Its name comes from this proportion.At least 25%, but usually 50%-Ashes extracted from animal bones.Before burning at very high temperatures, the bones are completely stripped of the meat and muscles.
The resulting ash is mixed with Chinese clay and rock-Former Chinese stone-Fire to create a Chinese boneBone porcelain is the most durable porcelain.It can burn at temperatures as low as 1,450 F to produce a hard-Porcelain paste fired at a higher temperature.The addition of Ashes means that bone porcelain is less brittle than other types of porcelain, and therefore less prone to fragmentation or cracking.
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