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Tea Legends and Traditions - how to make porcelain dinnerware

by:Two Eight     2019-09-14
Tea Legends and Traditions  -  how to make porcelain dinnerware
Tea ranks second among the top drinks (second only to water), and in addition to the quality it gives, it has its legends and stories.
Tea is a drink obtained by injecting the dried leaves of the Camellia plant.
According to the degree of oxidation of tea, the four basic types of tea include: white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea.
The chemical composition of tea varies depending on the crop, climate and tea processing methods.
In the composition of the tea, we can refer to the line, which is a Biobase substance similar to that in coffee. ©Fruit, tannins and essential oils. The tea-
Plants originated in the South-
Eastern Asia, a region formed in the north.
Eastern India, northern Myanmar and Yunnan province (China ).
In Yunnan province, tea is first used by Chinese for food and drinks.
Because tea is very important to Asian culture, there are many legends about its discovery.
A popular tea legend says that in 2737 BC, Emperor Shennong found tea while drinking hot water under the shadow of a tree.
The emperor dropped a few leaves in his bowl and changed the color of the water.
Due to his natural curiosity, Shen Nong took a sip and was surprised by the taste and refreshing nature of the drink.
There is also a tea in India
According to the legend, Prince Dharma, who was moved by divine grace, went to China in order to spread the teachings of the Buddha.
Because he wanted to make himself worthy of such a sacred mission, he vowed to never sleep for the nine years of his spiritual journey.
By the end of the third year, however, he began to be sleepy and his eyes could not open.
It was a mere chance that he picked some leaves and began to chew.
Surprisingly, he once again found his own strength and continued his preaching for six years.
The Japanese version of the same legend is slightly different.
After three years of carrying out the task, the same Bodhi gate fell asleep while praying because he was clearly exhausted.
When he woke up, he was angry at his own physical weakness, cut his eyelids and threw them on the ground, and a few years later, when he returned to the same place, he saw some bushes growing in the same place where he threw his eyelids.
He tasted the leaves and therefore noticed that they had the qualities to keep someone awake.
He told others about the quality of tea, which is very popular in that area.
These legends aside, tea bushes are clearly from China.
The area is near the border between Yunnan province and northern Vietnam.
Tea was first invented by the Chinese.
About 648-
749. Tea was introduced in Japan by a Buddhist monk named Gyoki.
He planted tea flowers in the garden of 49 temples.
Later, in the 13 th century, a Zen master created the tea ceremony. no-yu).
In the Tang Dynasty of China, the popularity of tea has increased (618-
907 advertising), developed into one of the most popular pastimes.
Therefore, it is transferred from the field of pharmacology to become a new
Find a part of the dayto-day life. When tea-
Tea has become a source of artistic inspiration for poets, artists and painters.
The artists create a complex world around the tea, full of symbolism. Lu Yu (723-
804 AD), wrote the first tea paper "Tea Sutra" or "tradition of tea", a work that describes the nature of tea
The production and drinking methods of beverages are standardized.
He said, "people found in the process of drinking tea that harmony and order in managing all things are the same.
During this period, tea was made with the help of compressed plants, which were initially baked and then ground into powder and then mixed with boiling water.
Then add ingredients such as rotten butter, salt and spices.
Still drinking tea this wayday Tibet.
Tea has also been grown in other Asian countries, which have become tea producers around the world, such as the former
A British African colony in Argentina or reunion.
Tea is the world's second-largest beverage after water.
Drink about 15,000 cups per second.
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