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tea cup set of 6 bone china Milliner Susan McArthur creates furred and feathered fashions

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
Walking into Susan MacArthur's studio felt like it was back in the past.
Fur and Feathers, ribbons, lace and flowers create kaleidoscope and colorful displays of a wide variety of hats.
On the open door, there was a soft taste of licorice tea.
Burnie-Based on Millerxa0MacArthur's.xa0The original memory of the hat dates back to when she was very young.
"From Mexa0I'm a toddler.xa0There's something on my head...xa0"I always like hats and always wear them," she said .".
“Ixa0had a great-great-In the 1930 s was the aunt of the female Hatter...As a child, Ixa0Visited her a lot in the past, her house was charming, full of hats and all kinds of gorgeous things that we were never allowed to touch.
"This is a dark house, and all the hats give it color and life.
When MacArthur met a female Hatter in 1990, her route was fixed.
"She lent me a hat block and said, 'Take this one home and do the experiment, 'so Ixa0Me and Ixa0"Bring back what I did and she said, 'You are a natural Watchman, '" MacArthur said '.".
"That's why I have the confidence to move on, and I 've been making hats since then.
MacArthur draws inspiration from everything around her, "you'll see the garden, the form of sculpture, the different design aspects and the architecture, and any shape that appeals to you.
Not many people would admit it, but MacArthur laughed as she explained that her fridge was full of dead birds --xa0The forest crow even has a black swan.
They are just a source of the materials used on her hat and the fabric of the op store and the purchase of supplies.
"People give me feathers all the time, the locals give me feathers and kill people on the side of the road," MacArthur laughed .".
"Some are road kills, but they are cleaned, cleaned and frozen to kill all the bugs, so the feathers are treated before they are used.
Millinery is a passion to evolve and grow with MacArthur, who still loves what she does.
"It makes me feel alive and happy,xa0"When I was working, I had opera music in the background of Heaven, which was so beautiful," she said .".
"Addicted, you can't stop.The passing of every day of the past, I have nothing to splice.

From Wednesday to Saturday, she may welcome you with a hearty cup of tea --xa0Good service in China.
Her designs have traveled all over the world, from cat steps in Dubai to royal fencing in Royal Ascot, but MacArthur is happy to stay in tazhou to create.
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