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Tasmania’s fuel: Why is it more expensive? - most expensive restaurant dishes in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Tasmania’s fuel: Why is it more expensive?  -  most expensive restaurant dishes in the world
The Australian Competition and Consumer Council found that the geographic location of the state of Tasmania and the cost of transporting oil should not significantly increase fuel costs.
In response to high fuel prices in the state of Tasmania.
The state pays 23 cents more than Victoria for a liter of unleaded gasoline.
The gas in Tasmania comes from refineries and docks in other cities in Australia, as well as from overseas refineries.
Factors contributing to the Launceston gasoline market.
It found that between 2014 and 2015, the cost of bringing gasoline into tazhou was about two cents higher than the cost of bringing it into five of the largest mainland cities.
According to the report, due to the distance from Singapore, the freight to Tashan is higher than the freight to the Australian mainland port. xa0Major export hubs in Asia-Pacific.
Andrei Firsov is the general manager of a gas spy, an app that allows consumers to find the cheapest fuel location.
Mr. Firsov said that the price of fuel in Australia is comparable to that in other parts of the world and he said that the price in the Tasmania state could be higher due to the freight charges.
"We are cheaper than Europe, but more expensive than the United States, which is subsidized by the government," he said . ".
The ACCC report also found that because of the smaller market size, Launceston's operating costs are higher than per liter at wholesale and retail levelsxa0And low volumexa0Sold in most retail locations.
Due to the size of the state, the price difference between Hobart and the region's Tasmania state is closer.
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